Speak out, be shredded

July 5, 2012

Several familiar CalCoastNews readers were singled out for verbal assault in Thursday’s edition of New Times’ vapid version of what now passes for the “Shredder,” rejuvenating and intensifying the saga of Lisa Solomon-Chitty, Paso Robles’ erstwhile chief of police.

The columnist, using endearments such as “blathering idiots” and “self-hating prigs,” expressed dismay over comments made by readers regarding news stories which appeared on this site. He (she, it) suggested this website allowed “misogynists” and “internet trolls” to speak too freely about the chief and her alleged list of sexual offenses against her officers.

The Shredder goes on to say one CalCoastNews blogger is the type of person who their own child should avoid when old enough to move out. This parental rejection was suggested because the blogger repeated Paso Robles Manager Jim Apps’ nickname for Solomon-Chitty – “Pretty Lisa Meter Maid.” The Shredder, however, failed to mention the nickname was initiated by a public official.

The Shredder offers no opportunity for reader comment. CalCoastNews, however, does.


It must suck to be a “journalist” who is continually scooped by a competitor. Especially when the journalist’s only way to deal with the stress of being proven wrong is to haunt the competitor’s comments section, looking for posters to target in the New Times’ Shredder column.

I mean, what can be worse than a loser journalist who uses his newspaper column get even with a competitor’s message board commentors.

That’s it? That’s all the Shredder has to get revenge? I mean, how much of a journalism eunuch is that?

On a personal note….Thanks to the Shredder for the props. I know I’m in top form when I’m able to inspire a professional journalist to misuse his employer’s publication for a personalized Whine-O-Gram targeting me. Really, he shouldn’t have–no, I mean he really shouldn’t have because it makes him look like a nincompoop..

It is also nice to know the Shredder’s Sacred Cow is so easily kicked. Maybe I should try it again.

KA-THUMP! Incoming! Oh, I guess I should have said “incoming” first.

For the Shredder to whine about a comment containing the term “knee pads” when discussing the actions of an ex-police chief who has multiple allegations against her for sexually assaulting her subordinates, who reportedly had an illegitimate child by another subordinate, and who sexually harasses other officers who simply are not interested in what she is offering—that is just stupid.

Perhaps if the Shredder spent more time investigating the many problems in our county’s local government, instead of pouring over CCN’s comment section, the Shredder wouldn’t, on such a regular basis, end up looking like a such a horse’s patoot of a tool for the likes of Lisa Solomon.


“If your Sacred Cow is so easily kicked, perhaps your cow isn’t sacred.”

–Mary Malone


Mary, your very first sentence pretty much sums it up for the NT and the Trib. They’re just angry that their longstanding monopoly on local news is over. There’s a new kid in town–CCN–who keeps reporting the facts and they don’t like it one bit. Like you said, Ms. Shredder and her buddies at the Trib should focus less energy whining about their competition and spend more time doing their jobs as supposed reporters.


Yeah, NT got tired of getting their asses handed to them in investigative reporting along with the really lumbering sleeping giant, the Trib. That WAS their forte, now it ain’t and they had a little meltdown.

Once a news agency’s contributing more effort filtering than reporting stuff, they’re just a useless hinderance..

The problem is corruption here, there and everywhere in the world, really. The cure is exposure to the masses. It ain’t gonna be by smoke signals, mass media MUST righteously pursue and relay facts, not ass-kiss everybody for ad revenue, political sway and……it goes on.


the NT and the Trib………………. longstanding monopoly on local news…



Hey Shredder, I’ve got just one thing to say to you — Waaaaaahhhhh!

What a wanker.

What a maroon.

What does he/she care what people post on CCN? I bet they themselves post here too, anonymously of course. Just like me.

That’s the fun of it. You can tell what’s on your mind, how you feel about a subject and not have to worry about retaliation. Just like the Shredder does.

An old friend of mine used to work at New Times in the early 1990s, when Steve Moss was still in charge. She told me that back then, everyone in the newsroom sat around and came up with topics for the Shredder column. It was collective effort and in the beginning it was wildly entertaining yet had some bite to the comments. And Moss wrote the columns. Also that Tom Fulks used to contribute as well but it was Moss’ baby.

Originally, the Shredder tackled important and relevant issues, with wit, humor and irony. I fail to see how this attack on the posters at CCN is an issue at all. I would suggest that the folks who were named in the column write a letter to the editor and let the Shredder have it good.

Shredder’s had a good long run (about 20 years) maybe it’s time the plug got pulled on it. It doesn’t seem to have the edge it once had. That’s probably because whomever is writing it now isn’t as talented as Moss was. Writing witty political criticism without being vulgar is hard to do. Not everyone can do it and not everyone gets the jokes, but that’s the nature of comedy.

Frankly, I think Shredder needs to lighten up a bit. So what if there’s a few typos or some people seem to state as fact something that is really an opinion? Isn’t that what free speech is all about? The right to speak your mind even if it’s being terribly wasted on gobbledygook?

Does the Shredder think that people should keep their mouths shut unless they have something intelligent to say? Or if there are a few mistakes in grammar or spelling that they are somehow stupid?


Well now, I haven’t had any reason or desire to waste time with NT or the shredder in quite a while, but this article got me to clicking and googeling away. ( Nope, aint gonna bookmark the NT) What a delightful incoherent rant! That was some first rate inebriated journalism there Shreder(es)! Almost as good as that swamp gas spewing editor over at the Trivial. Maybe the NT and Triv can form a newspaper consortium and award each other medals! Oh lordy, that was funny. Carry on CCN, you are doing a fine job.

Ted Slanders

How sad, the obvious is so blatantly obvious! Whoever this Shredder is at this time, became what they’re allegedly against, in the fact of disparaging and name calling others here at CCN. But, what did we expect from the alleged intellect of the NT Shedder? Nothing, but what they’ve shown us.

FORUM WARS? The perceived intellect of the regular New Times inhabitants, barring of course our alumni of CCN that go there to set the regular NT readers straight, should identify themselves with “NT” subsequent to their handle, and come on over to Cal Coast News! That’s if they have the nerve to do so.

Don’t worry, we’ll be very respectable to your ignorance, lack of knowledge on said topics, and I and a few others will even enlighten you upon godly axioms to put your presence truly into place.

New Time’s readers, you have to come over to CCN first because we operate upon actual facts, of which we have a “heads-up” upon because you only get your news second hand subsequent to CCN’s reporting, and that’s a fact.

NT readers, a warning is in order. If you step in the proverbial poo, subsequent to you trying in vain to debate with our CCN alumni, sorry, but your post is left for others to see, Therefore, this insures your ignorance and stupidity will be available for posterity, unlike the New Times where it is removed to save face for you.

If you can’t meet these simple requirements, then stay over there at the New Times kindergarten sand box and masturbate your minds into feeling good in thinking that what you propose, is logical and rational deductions to any topic at hand at the New Times.

NEW TIMES SHEDDER, whoever you are at this time, come on over to CCN! Or, are you to scared to leave your bastion of safety at New Times? Listen, to make if fair for you, we here at CCN will tie our hands behind us, place a blind fold over our eyes, and type with our feet to engage with you! Okay? In this way, at least you’ll have somewhat of a chance in any discussion with our astute CCN long time inhabitants.

Game on? I doubt it. But, it was fun to propose such an outcome as fully stated above. NT Shedder, get back to your hypocritical, advertising bought responses and topics, and following CCN lead. Notwithstanding, your lack of any cogent discussion other than you are who you pretend to be!


I think that Congratulations are in store for Crusader, Mary Malone, and Pasoparent5. You’ve been quoted in another venue. Keep up the good work, and hopefully the New Times will continue to bring up the unresolved Paso Police Chief problem, Lisa Solomon. Reminds me of Casey Anthony–she just won’t go away.


No congratulations are due. The Shredder’s Wank-O-Gram of a column this week is much more a testament to the journalist’s inability to do their job for New Times in putting out one lousy column a week without having to take pot-shots on another publication’s message-board participants.

It also doesn’t say much for the New Times owners and editors who actually allow this Shredder guy to use their publication to go off on professional vendettas.

I think the NT owners should also be concerned that one of their staff continues to play Sir Galahad for Lisa Solomon. Her sexual harassment of her subordinates is not nearly as bad as the high-profile sexual harassment and assault cases we’ve been bombarded with by the national and local news, but sexual harassment/assault is sexual harassment/assault. In all cases of sexual harassment, the perp uses their power over the victim to get their way.

And the New Times is paying the Shredder to shield the likes of Solomon?


NT, is the first Shredder guy still available? Is this the same guy? It’s a guy, right?

It’s like sobered he soberednup and now is a pain in the ass who you now wish never quit drinking. We’ve all known one.


The first Shredder guy was hysterically funny; this one is vaguely humorous. The attack on the bloggers is just part of the Tribune/Adam Hill effort to get rid of people who criticize them. The Shredder belongs to the Cal Poly English instructor/Adam Hill part.

CA Native

Hey Cal Coast News-If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. LOL. You love to attack anyone and everyone, but cry like little girls when you get it thrown back at you.


Is that the best you can do? A kitchen analogy from Truman?

Citizen says:”The attack on the bloggers is just part of the Tribune/Adam Hill effort to get rid of people who criticize them.”

Anonymous comment (CA Native) about anonymous shredding on another site and you bring up little girls..

That’s what happens to people who believe what is in your email, also my brother who is a prince in our country want’s you (CA Native) to contact him over our fathers bank account…………….


When a publication allows its employed journalists to use the publication to pick on message-boad commentors from a competitor’s publication, I think it’s time for the whole operation to shut itself down.


Your sexist remark, “. . .cry like little girls. . .” illustrates a sad view of life. Typical of someone who supports SLO New Times.

Spirit Filled

Okay, crying like a grown man that’s been caught by his wife committing adultry. There you go. That is another sad view. But happens daily.

Blessings to all.


Despite how this article is framed, aren’t we all “shredders”? Isn’t there a place for an anonymous voice to say things that would not be possible in any other forum? The shredder is that voice for the New Times. The fact that no additional voices are allowed by the New Times does not go unnoticed however, and maybe they should open up a forum and get their own group of “misogynists”. (Had to look it up, it means someone who has a hatred of women)


Yeah, that was a low blow. The bottom feeders that dwell here are more misanthropes.


blacksmith says: aren’t we all “shredders”? No, the shredder is the voice’s of the newtimes management, you do not get to comment. Most of your letters will not get published.

Here you get to comment, anonymously to what CCN publishes, not the same at all.


Someone who criticizes another person for their actions is not a bigot (“misogyny” is “bigotry”).

I think anyone who reads CCN message boards can tell you that I am an equal-opportunity commentor. It’s the issue, not who is doing it.

I find it disgusting that the New Times allows the Shedder to imply that someone who criticizes a woman is a “misogynist.” However, Lisa Solomon’s Sir Galahad who is writing the Shredder column these days cannot stick up (ahem) for Solomon by defending her with honest means. He can’t, for instance, say “Lisa Solomon didn’t grab the johsons of her subordinates in the hot-tub at a work-required event at Pebble Beach” BECAUSE SHE DID. He can’t defend her for her asinine “Safe Mode” policy because it was her policy and it was asinine.

I could go on and on, but you get my drift.

So he has to find another way to defend his Lady Fair’s tattered reputation—and he pulls the equiavalent of the race card….claiming their is intent to target Solomon because she is a woman when, in fact, it is Solomon’s actions that are being targeted.

Sir Galahad Shredder might try to find a better Lady Fair if he is looking for one who hasn’t sullied and trashed her own reputation (and caused a lot of damage along the way).

Griping about those who criticize her isn’t going to work—unless his goal is to join Solomon in the Unemployment line.


This is hilarious. An anonymous columnist writes about anonymous bloggers on a small community E-fishwrap and the aforementioned bloggers are tripping over themselves to congratulate eachother. And, no one knows who they really are. Now, that’s entertainment!

As the world turns

Yes, your response is entertaining.