Speak out, be shredded

July 5, 2012

Several familiar CalCoastNews readers were singled out for verbal assault in Thursday’s edition of New Times’ vapid version of what now passes for the “Shredder,” rejuvenating and intensifying the saga of Lisa Solomon-Chitty, Paso Robles’ erstwhile chief of police.

The columnist, using endearments such as “blathering idiots” and “self-hating prigs,” expressed dismay over comments made by readers regarding news stories which appeared on this site. He (she, it) suggested this website allowed “misogynists” and “internet trolls” to speak too freely about the chief and her alleged list of sexual offenses against her officers.

The Shredder goes on to say one CalCoastNews blogger is the type of person who their own child should avoid when old enough to move out. This parental rejection was suggested because the blogger repeated Paso Robles Manager Jim Apps’ nickname for Solomon-Chitty – “Pretty Lisa Meter Maid.” The Shredder, however, failed to mention the nickname was initiated by a public official.

The Shredder offers no opportunity for reader comment. CalCoastNews, however, does.


How I lament the passing of Steve Moss and the continued slide of the New Times into the cesspit of irrelevance. The was a time when editing the Shredder required smarts, insight and a well-honed sense of dry humor. Today the only prerequisites appear to be ignorance, arrogance and the practice of misandry.


So’s this one. Mr. Moss set the tone and it came thru in the shredder.


It’s a bit ironic that The Shredder would demonize others for doing what he anonymously does each week.

JB Bronson

After Disguted’s perfect comment, is there really anything else to be said?


Disgust evolves clairity I think


Do you honestly think the Shredder’s not fully aware of that?


I haven’t read a Shredder column in years.

I didn’t realize anyone still paid attention to it.


I don’t read it. I had to visit CCN to find out Shredder was pitching a fit about me.


” offers no opportunity for reader comment. CalCoastNews, however, does.”

LOL yeah okay.

Kevin Rice

I wonder if Ashley is the Shredder this week. It feels like more women have defended Solomon than men, though I’m not keeping count.

New Times lost a great reporter when Robert McDonald left, and others. The previous investigative depth is now lacking and New Times seems to have more political bent.

Kevin Rice

Interesting that New Times targets CCN whose commenters are on-large far more on-topic and thoughtful than those on the web site of that other daily printed rag. The Tribune never moderates a thing (unlike CCN) and 95% of the comments are snipes. There is utterly no use in posting anything thoughtful on the Tribune web site. However, CCN should moderate more heavily to improve the quality of debate. Just flat out delete off-topic name calling and there would be more thoughtful comments posted.


I liked the old Shredder and the old editor that passed on awhile back. Now it’s scoop up ad revenue at all costs including the neutral stance on various topics.

Over commercialized and glossy now.

I wrote a ltr. to the Ed. awhile bank exposing banking practices, went out & grabbed the newest printing, opened it up to a full page local bank ad….never saw my letter.


The Shredder sort of lost his/her/its (?shit’s?) relevance for me awhile back. Guess I better fish out last week’s New Times and read it.


It’s this week’s Shredder. Just click on the link in the story.


Thanks. Did it. Congrats MaryM, Paso5 and Crusader for getting ink.


That’s funny that I hadn’t even considered that New Times had an internet presence.

Yes, it indicates that I don’t always fire on all eight cylinders. But more tellingly it indicates a perception that New Times has failed to keep up with the … uh … new times.


Forum WARS!!!, Hmmmmm, Let’s roll !!


Let’s not.

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