Speak out, be shredded

July 5, 2012

Several familiar CalCoastNews readers were singled out for verbal assault in Thursday’s edition of New Times’ vapid version of what now passes for the “Shredder,” rejuvenating and intensifying the saga of Lisa Solomon-Chitty, Paso Robles’ erstwhile chief of police.

The columnist, using endearments such as “blathering idiots” and “self-hating prigs,” expressed dismay over comments made by readers regarding news stories which appeared on this site. He (she, it) suggested this website allowed “misogynists” and “internet trolls” to speak too freely about the chief and her alleged list of sexual offenses against her officers.

The Shredder goes on to say one CalCoastNews blogger is the type of person who their own child should avoid when old enough to move out. This parental rejection was suggested because the blogger repeated Paso Robles Manager Jim Apps’ nickname for Solomon-Chitty – “Pretty Lisa Meter Maid.” The Shredder, however, failed to mention the nickname was initiated by a public official.

The Shredder offers no opportunity for reader comment. CalCoastNews, however, does.


CCN, Speak Out, get deleted.


It happens every day, someone makes a account with a throwaway email. Then they go into a thread and take a verbal dump expecting to be deleted. Then they can go complain about there deleted comment (ps: don’t forget to bring up the constitution).

New user registration on Cal Coast News: Username: truthiness 1:25 PM (4 hours ago)

Perhaps everyone would prefer facebook comments like KSBY?

Or would no comments like Dave C and the Newtimes be better?


I think the Shredder had a good point, and the truth of it is probably why so many here are so upset.


Then maybe you shouldn’t post here.


Absolutely. Sure CCN allows comments, but then they delete the ones they disagree with or moderate (when they do moderate) in favor of the extreme right.

This could have been a great site. Sad to see the kind of people it attracts.


Sad to see the kind of people it attracts.

yeah,we attract a lot of people…. just like you.

Not everyone’s first comment as a new user is critical of the website as they come in the door, if you are a ‘former’ member welcome back ! come in make yourself at home and tell us what you think about our story and how it relates to the community.

please note: comments that focus on the website itself, rather than responding to the content/ topic /story/ or other users ,are candidates for deletion, same as it ever was

If you simply must say something about moderation or a website issue, then I cannot over emphasize the utility of Email moderator@calcoastnews.com


I disagree. You don’t see the “extreme right” on this site much. I don’t think you know how extreme either the left or the right can be. Either way, neither post on this site, and many on the right get their posts removed from time to time–mine have been deleted and I’ve gotten an email from the moderator telling me why. Fair enough.


truthteller says: “but then they delete the ones they disagree with or moderate (when they do moderate) in favor of the extreme right.”

I can see all of the moderated comments and you have no idea what you are talking about.


How do you get to see all the moderated comments? Are you on CCN staff?



(edit: questions? admin@calcoastnews.com)


It is the internet, people with righteous sounding user names make accusations or post “facts” that they expect to get deleted.

So now they can angry comment about being deleted and go on about how things are ruined.

Thus the internet troll, cycle of life continues.


There are many who probably thought the SLO New Times had a good point when they published the recipe for an illegal drug. “Good points” are not always “good sense”.


Ah Ha

NT can be swayed behind the scene, they remain in the same old dogmatic box as the world awakens and begin to vent the shackles


Thanks for the FREE advertising New Times for CCN! That’s all you accomplished with your ‘sour grape’ super hypocritical comments that resulted in being ‘self shredding’.


Oh, New Times and the Shredder are — in my humble opinion — a relic of a by-gone age when some folks liked to march and protest Diablo Canyon, wear tie died shirts and smoke anything medicinal. Take him, her or it with a grain of salt or any grain, distilled or otherwise. There is a reason the Shredder doesn’t identify themselves… I am sure their closets would be very interesting.

In any event, in our age of continually morphing morality, I am sure that there are some who feel that a woman climbing the ladder by any means possible… is just okay. Qualifications and experience should not really be a factor, it’s who you know or do? However, is this really the best way to choose the best and the brightest?

So, my fellow readers, posters and gadflies, do not be intimidated by our dear friend the shredder …. the Shredder is just trying to boost their sagging advertising revenue… after all, I see stacks and stacks of them leftover every week…

blog on!


Roger, you are correct. We need to start question whether people associated with SLO New Times have personal relationships (e.g., friendships) with many government officials (e.g., regional water quality control board, city of paso robles), and therefore, pick and choose who to highlight positively and negatively.


Perhaps…but ya gotta love Hodins comic in the july 5th New Times.


Have to give Hodin thumbs up for his July 5th Editorial Cartoon.


Good questions.

Steve Moss never seemed to let his business relationships with the local community dampen the publication of criticism. If they pulled their advertisements, he knew that eventually they would return. The only exception to that rule so far that I can recall is the Palm Theatre. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I also seem to recall that it was Steve who hired Dan, and encouraged Karen to cut her journalistic teeth @ NT.

Booty JuJu

Perfectly predictable reaction to continuously having a solo fat ankled muckraker tear you a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom double wide new one.


What is with all you folks dumping on the Shredder and NewTImes? Do you really expect them to come up to CCN standards of investigative reporting? Be realistic — it’s a newspaper!

Actually, despite the Shredder being desperately off-base on this issue, the NT does a decent job for a small city weekly. The hard-hitting investigative reporting is rather sporadic but they do usually go beyond “sound-bite” journalism in their big stories. Compare similar publications in similar markets and you will find that New Times is usually above average and occasionally pretty good.

Save your wrath for the Trib and similar traditional daily papers (or TV). They are the ones who are not only refusing to investigate people with influence but actually defend them until the evidence of foul deeds smells so strong that it could repel a skunk. If they can’t figure out a way to do business as a NEWSpaper, they deserve to continue their descent into oblivion.


For sure. Don’t go away, NT. Back off though.

Yes, more disclosure please from all media. Things like why didn’t the S.E.C. get investigated, all the way down to local “Johnson grabbing”.


Considering that the shredder regularly lambasts public officials in his column, it seems hypocritical and out of line for him to complain that others are doing it as well.

I am, however, more than a little surprised that the long standing misspelling of “ad-hominen” on Cal Coast New’s Comment Guidelines has still yet to be corrected, even after the shredder pointed it out…


There I fixed it.

All better now…..

Kevin Rice

Letters to Shredder/New Times can be send to: shredder@newtimesslo.com and letters@newtimesslo.com.