Ferrara now chasing write-in Hill

November 7, 2014


At the tail end of a race he never expected to run, Arroyo Grande Mayor Tony Ferrara will spend the weekend mulling vote totals announced by county voting officials Friday afternoon showing a write-in candidate leading him by 43 votes.

At day’s end, Ferrara still could not crack 50 percent of the votes cast — his unofficial total was 2,896, or 49.63 percent, against those for “write-in,” 2,939, or 50.37 percent.

Most of those write-in votes will likely go to Jim Hill, whose last-minute entry into the campaign to unseat Ferrara gained momentum rapidly and whose success so far has astounded even the most jaded political observers.

In Arroyo Grande, 387 ballots remain to be counted. Those include 164 vote-by-mail ballots; 184 provisional ballots; and 115 election night non-processed ballots.

At present, the counted “write-in” votes incorporate all names written on the ballot, and may or may not be Hill’s. A ballot-by-ballot examination will be conducted by county clerk-recorder officials.

Then, if a recount is needed, additional ballots — those which did not have a blackened oval next to a write-in’s name– would then be tallied. There are about 900 of those, officials said.

Official results might not be final until Wednesday, and if a recount becomes necessary, this race might not be determined until near Thanksgiving.

Ferrara is the newly-elected president of the League of California Cities, a position now jeopardized by Hill’s unexpectedly strong challenge.



Still no updates on the Hill race???


they didn’t post update until after 5 on Friday…..

Tomorrow is Veterans Day….

oh, the waiting !


Silly me I thought tomorrow Nov. 11th was Veterans Day. No AG council meeting becasue of it right?


Check out a 2014 calendar, VA.


The meeting was only recently cancelled.

It was on the City calendar–the City did not check the 2014 calendar…

until recently.


Most of the time I disagree with you,

The other times you’re just wrong!

Votes ARE being counted today, Veteran’s Day.


Exactly. I was pointing out that today is Veterans Day.


Tony needs the night off ,I see a rather large Drunk in his future.. Who Knows maybe he can live on the street in the Village .. after this is over..

Smug Jerk.


Gee.. I guess if you speak out against a wrong and use decent vocabulary, when the other party doesn’t like it they feel threatened, or scared. or intimidated… REALLY?

To Kristin Barneich, Tony Ferrara, and the little imp A Ochs…if you want to jump into the real world of adults and politics, it might serve you better to grow a set. Until then either do something about it or continue to pout in the corner or your droll, self serving pitiful website, (few people follow anyway) No one has threatened you, or your “readers/posters”, we just happen to point out your MANY FLAWS and you don’t like it.

You still have the right to say anything you want..I’m just not going to bother to read it or listen to your babble. If Barneich is going to say something, and put it in writing, then as a politician she should stand by it, defend it or retract it with an apology. Instead she removes it because she’s afraid? Afraid of what? That we are not happy citizens with her lack luster performance and biased support of City Staff? She and the City Council and Staff are the wedge drivers with the Police, not me or anyone else pointing out their terrible conduct as City Leaders.


We all agree that Tony is a bully and very arrogant.

In school, the bullies are the insecure, friendless type.

Tony has been beating people down to puff up that monstrous ego.

In all my life I have never encountered a self perception that is so confused.

You’re the grinch Tony Ferrara

Your prickles and stings

No one wants to be like you when they grow up.

Make amends and go away.


And Oh by the way I even owned , a nice home in the village .. The concept of the village has never !!! been treated right.. the concept of the village was the homes were built one at a time with No guidelines.. I’d wish to thank the 27 people who liked what I said , due to the times I sold my house , one of the biggest reason I do not look back is the so called historic home from the cherry st, dev. project that was moved next to my home, The concept of good planning went out the window, the owner of that property ,cut down 50 year old walnut trees, and chopped the so called historic home so that all that was left was about 8 feet of the front,all the details were discarded… And the City Fathers did not one Blessed thing .. that was the first sign of things to come..

A section of history there was a joke , much like the mayor,and others have made a joke of Arroyo Grande, well the people said no More.. If your going to act up,you will be called on the carpet.. as you should be ,and No I will not hold back, the people who have walked the streets of AG should be counted.. The people care about the city, their hearts should swell with pride.. Enough is enough.. Good people live there I miss them I miss being in miner’s Knowing everyone, taking 45 min to get out the door.. I miss Ira Huges, God Rest his Soul.. Good man much like many in AG.. Bob @ chev dealer is a good man too .

The city leader has had such a tight grip good people would not come out to run for office you see what happens now many selfless people will be there to help now now thats not holding back good luck God Bless AG!


We need to go back a ways to when Rob Strong was the Development Director,

the job now held by Mrs McClish.

If we fish with a big enough net, Mr Strong and his over promises,

and threats against business owners will come to light as well.

And the kicker is–he still works for us!

That’s right, Mr Strong still collects a paycheck

from the good ‘ole boys club for his consulting services.

Let’s add him to the list of fish that stink in AG!


Mr. Strong crafted his own deals. At the time of the adobe purchase, we all knew it was not right, but could not put our fingers on it.

Now Caren Ray owns the home.

Rumor is if you get the tax credits, you also have to let the public in to see the historical beauty.


At one Point Rob Strong was working on a deal to buy it(the Home Ray bought),Did you know that? I think Rob thought he had better not .. I’m sure Tony Told him no!

That alone goes to show you how “the insiders worked…

Check it out ask around .. Sounds like Planning Dept needs a shake up too

with Cal Poly , seems like you could get younger folks for less then Ex Director cost, but OMG , think of the cost .. what a sick thought..LOL


Wow so sorry

I can’t believe the inside job always beats out in AG!


We too, miss Ira, and believe he would be proud of our efforts.

We have spoken of him often during the past few weeks.

You would be happy to know that Ira’s Bike Shop

proudly displayed Write-In Jim Hill for AG Mayor signs during the campaign.


Big Ole IRRRRA Yell !!! as I drive by… His Shop.. the old days!!

The Name AgDude ,came from “The Big Lebowski”

The Dude Will Abide , much like the Fair City of Arroyo Grande, the path is set, the time for change has come, as a young man all I wanted to do was move to Arroyo Grande, Most of my young life was in Nipomo, so when I grew up I moved to Arroyo Grande,and bought a home, at one point my Business was in the same location for 13 years.

Very Soon this will be over.. and the book on the bad dream will be over, Arroyo Grande’s new path is set,its a matter of time before all the weak leaders ,fall by the way side, I thought in Now way shape or form any thing would be done,about all this garbage .. it’s unreal , its unreal 49% of the people think , it’s ok what these people did,

One question, ARE YOU NUTS? I miss the town very much, I’m sorry I took this so lightly… The group that got this done have deep seated feeling about this city also, This about new leadership, new people running for office, new idea’s .. Positive stuff!!

My bleeding my feelings is pretty much over.. I look forward to hearing new good things .. So like the Dude, The city Will abide good Luck ,keep up the good work.

So where do I send my Buck($) for Tony’s & his Pals .. Grey hound ticket out of Town.. NANAa Nanna Good Bye!


We heard that the guys at Log Cabin were taking up a collection for the Uhaul to move both Tony and Steve out. So go by and buy a beer and donate a buck!


A buck for the truck. All we need is 195 more!


People get ready, there’s Jim’s train a comin’

You don’t need no baggage, you just get on board

All you need is faith to hear the diesel hummin’

You don’t need no ticket, you just thank the lord

People get ready, there’s a train to Arroyo

Picking up passengers with their write-in votes

Faith is the key, open the doors and board them

There’s hope for all among those loved the most

There ain’t no room for the hopeless Mayor

Who would hurt all mankind

Just to save his own

Leave me now

Have pity on him as his chances grow thinner

For there is no hiding place against the kingdoms throne

So people get ready there’s Jim’s train a comin’

You don’t need no baggage, you just get on board

All you need is faith to hear the diesel hummin’

You don’t need no ticket, you just thank the lord.


Has anyone gotten an update from the County Clerks Office?????


So princess Barniech what are you going to do now that you don’t have Tony to follow? Maybe you will call the police a million times and claim the council is not being nice to you.

I sure hope you learn to stop drinking water an hour before the council meetings so Jim does not have to ask you if you need to go potty. Although it did make me laugh every time Tony asked you, it was like you were a little kid and you had to be reminded to go potty.

You are always good for a laugh during council meetings because you are so lost up there.


Remember the time she couldnt comment because she was eating?


Well, at least she has no problem showing her true priorities.


That reminds me of MB’s former mayor, Bill Yates. Eventually someone came up to the podium for public comment and asked him to turn off his microphone while munching on his post-joint trail mix. Good times.


I would guess she is still going to be working for Ferrara, no matter who is the mayor.

That is why a KB recall is so important.



If you wake up and don’t want to smile,

If it takes just a little while,

Open your eyes and look at the day,

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Don’t stop, thinking about tomorrow,

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No need to respond. This is an FYI. I wanted you to know where I’m coming from.

Not about to take your crap anymore.


Bet Tony wishes he had a do-over on that.

Probably one of many…


I wouldn’t bet on it, My take is regardless of the outcome Ferrara will never think he has done anything wrong, and any problems are due to someone else, someone other than himself, and any of those within his circle.


You are more than likely correct.

Let me re-state,

Bet Tony wishes he’d been able to keep that covered-up.

Probably one of many…



Here’s a reason why Jim is going to win….the Mayor’s motto has ALWAYS been, If you can’t say something nice….SAY IT.”