Ferrara now chasing write-in Hill

November 7, 2014


At the tail end of a race he never expected to run, Arroyo Grande Mayor Tony Ferrara will spend the weekend mulling vote totals announced by county voting officials Friday afternoon showing a write-in candidate leading him by 43 votes.

At day’s end, Ferrara still could not crack 50 percent of the votes cast — his unofficial total was 2,896, or 49.63 percent, against those for “write-in,” 2,939, or 50.37 percent.

Most of those write-in votes will likely go to Jim Hill, whose last-minute entry into the campaign to unseat Ferrara gained momentum rapidly and whose success so far has astounded even the most jaded political observers.

In Arroyo Grande, 387 ballots remain to be counted. Those include 164 vote-by-mail ballots; 184 provisional ballots; and 115 election night non-processed ballots.

At present, the counted “write-in” votes incorporate all names written on the ballot, and may or may not be Hill’s. A ballot-by-ballot examination will be conducted by county clerk-recorder officials.

Then, if a recount is needed, additional ballots — those which did not have a blackened oval next to a write-in’s name– would then be tallied. There are about 900 of those, officials said.

Official results might not be final until Wednesday, and if a recount becomes necessary, this race might not be determined until near Thanksgiving.

Ferrara is the newly-elected president of the League of California Cities, a position now jeopardized by Hill’s unexpectedly strong challenge.



While awaiting the voting outcome, the Mayor was seen having breakfast in the Village this morning….



No vote count yet? [sigh,]


Counting will continue for the AG race either Fri or Mon.

The clerk recorder’s office is working as hard and fast as they can.

We appreciate their efforts, and will do our best to be patient, but you’re right…

It’s hard to wait!


Oh, I appreciate their efforts, but considering the importance of the outcome, I hope they understand that some of the more immature posters here think immediate gratification takes far too long.

Mike Byrd

I have been an observer and I can assure you these folks are breaking their backs to get this done. However their mantra is, as it should be, accuracy is more important than speed.


All the Arroyo Grande residents happily love the Village and the flowers and trees and all the new restaurants.We all do.

But…. they do not want to know the ugliness at CIty Hall. they do not understand that NOTHING happens unless the MAYOR himself OKs it.

You Can’t Handle the Truth – A Few Good Men


And when the truth comes out, and it will,

there will be a lot of things the Mayor ok’d that we are NOT going to be OK with.


Here’s the latest!! So much for not updating until Fri!

Jim Hill has 3116 votes, Tony Ferrara has 2995.

Hill is ahead by 121!

32 ballots remain to be counted.

Jim Hill will be on Dave Congalton’s show tomorrow, Thursday @ 4pm


I am more excited to hear Lynn Compaton host sans teleprompter.


Has anyone else’s facebook page been getting Cal Coast Fraud feeds? I’ve been getting their feed and can only assume they are shadowing CCN readers. I did note that the fraud site is a paid “sponsor” as apparently they have to pay people to read their sewage. The Ferrara fluffers are really out of touch with reality and just can’t help digging themselves a bigger pit. Note to soon to be X- mayor Ferrara, Take it all in and embrace your own stupidity. You sir are the victim of your own actions. Stop blaming everyone else. The voters have spoken. With little time and no major backing, we have done the nearly impossible. Voters came to the conclusion that you are everything people hate in government officials. Despite blind backing from KSBY and the Fibune, Mayor Mac Cheese is now derailed from his ambitious track to future political paycheck bonanzas. Ferrara, you can gift wrap your feces and serve it on a platter to some fools but quit attacking those who are smart enough to not swallow your Ferrara special. Corrupt, Infantile, sore looser, blinded by your own arrogance. Not one little smidgen of dignity. Good riddance.


QUOTING DIAMOND: “Has anyone else’s facebook page been getting Cal Coast Fraud feeds? I’ve been getting their feed and can only assume they are shadowing CCN readers.”


OMG, that is about as bad as Ebola.


wow, this guy sounds like a real piece of work.


You know I want to Address Some thing The Retired office was kinda of insulted thought this was a personal attack ,

Sir I spent 3 years button up a home of my Dream home, The mayor,council,& city staff did every thing in Their Power to go around this rules to Park the So Called Historic Stillwell house With in 5 feet of my home ,making 4 units into 5 units, & the owner cut trees , Chopped off most of the home ,took all the good Historic details & thew them in the Dump, Everyone at the city did noting, I had to sell my home the City did everything in their power not to fallow their own Planning Rule I got not notice.. 100 Sq feet of a build used does not entail a Historic Building , about 1 % of the exiting building , I could of Sued the city of AG, It cost me sales price, and people who may of bought,I’m in the Business ,I was on the ARC I know the Codes,The City TOOK that POS,parked it next to my nice home, Personal, How personal is it when the city takes $50,000 value out of your Home ..Personal.. Personal attacks , I’m done .. No more posts from me.. Wake up retired Police office, this was Stand Operating proceedures..

Dam How stupid can you be Personal.. I’m done venting good Luck Folks!

Big Tony

I don’t think this is very funny. As a matter of fact, I’m just gonna go over here in the corner and play by myself. I don’t like you guys anymore. You’re just mean…and….and…..BULLIES!


Look Big Tony, its not legal to be Fiddling with one’s self in public , look out Those AGPD folks may be over to see you..

Buck up ! take this like a Man if you can? Man up ! Big guy


Big Tony, why are you calling us bullies? You of all people know what a bully is, I don’t think we come close to you ability to bully.

Go fix your hair and your profile on match.com, things will seem better. Remember you are king Tony


Did anyone else here also read this bull manure:


“…And locally, how do all three incumbents win election in Atascadero with the specter of millions of dollars in unaccounted-for Wal-Mart roadwork costs hanging over their heads while the mayor in Arroyo Grande fights for his political life against a write-in candidate whose non-campaign was fueled by backlash over a frothy pseudo scandal?

We are a people wracked by phantom fears and manipulated by demagogues…”

At first I thought some satirist had hacked the Trib’s website? Then I wondered if this “Tarica” guy is “all there?” Then I wondered who his audience could possibly be? Finally I wondered how the Trib could possibly benefit from such a silly piece of trash.

Any opinions?


Trib?? what? who?


It’s simple, Tarica does not understand that the people in AG have sent a message that enough corruption, favortism, and bad business is enough—the residents of Atascadero have yet to get to that point. Should they have given the enormity of the bill they are facing with regards to the Walmart debacle? Absolutely, but people have to stand up—it takes courage—it also takes a group of people willing to stand up for what they believe in. There has not been a group that has come to the forefront in A-Town—I hope they do—change needs to happen the entire span of the central coast—-people in Morro Bay should be outraged with Mr. Irons—I know I would be ( I actaully am, I just don’t live there).

The people can take their towns back. The people can effect change. The people can make a difference in their communities, but they need to organize, stay focused, and not be diswayed by detractors from their effort.


LeAnn, you mean The Trib is not in charge of who gets elected in this county? Do you really mean that people have a brain of their own, and will not read and believe some trash ass paper? Say it isnt so!


Hey givemeabreak—-I think the Fibune thinks they dictate or influence elections—I think that other people think they do as well, however, this non-campign showed them all very differently.

Now that the election is wrapping up (hopefully by Monday for AG)…we need to recognize the tremendous amount of work that needs to be done not just in repairing the trust the citizens have in AG leadership, but in doing the work necessary to put good and ethical business in the forefront of city council, planning commission, and other city designated meetings. Hundreds of people shared stories to members of the committee about how they were poorly treated by the current mayor, council, and city management (the manager and the attorney). People have to feel they are part of the community in all aspects, not just during fesitval times or when they deem it appropriate.

All businesses in the town need to be promoted and recognized for adding value to our city and its tax base. And this situation is not one-sided, now that leadership is changing (more to come), how we as citizens participate in the daily functioning of our city also needs to change. We can no longer sit back and expect city leaders to have the best intentions for all citizens, we have proof that sitting back got us to where we have been the last 4 months, as well as several years.

Citizens, please take this opportunity to get involved, or remain involved. Our city needs you to help move it forward.


Sam Louis….Trib and biased trash…..there ya go!


Look, I hate to act like a 5-year old in the backseat of a car, but….


For the love of god, when will the count be over?


Patience grasshopper…patience.

the guy paso

No count today, they will resume Weds AM. Hey, it’s the government, what can I say?


Government In…action!


Oops, didn’t mean to give you a thumbs up for being wrong!

Counting is taking place today, Tuesday.


HOORAY!! I’ll stop kicking the back of the carseat now.


On a holiday???? Wow! I’m impressed.

the guy paso

If they are we are paying twice as much for the same work. Not what I would authorize, he’ll, they could have them come in Saturday for the same money.


Not IF they are!

They ARE!


Wrong again guy paso.

Observers from the Jim Hill campaign were at the clerk recorder’s office today

watching those votes tick, tick, tick.

What can I say?


Don’t make me pull the car over……

Mike Byrd

They’ll be counting and getting started on the write-in ballots today.


Woo Hoo!!!


Counting occurred today, but results will not be updated from what I am told.

Counting will resume again on Fri or Mon.

Keep the faith Mary!


Looks like you have a lousy source, dude


slow and steady wins the race, just picture Tony having a hissy fit. He is probably trying to think of how he can manipulate the tally.


No ones likes a bully!


I’ve noticed a lot of comments about Cal Cost Fraud and Aaron Ochs in this thread. I want to warn you all that attempts to argue with Mr. Ochs, send him any private messages, or posts on CCF may result in him calling the police on you. He informed me that he contacted the police because I “threatened” him. Having done no such thing, I asked him to produce the logs, which he claims that he deleted after contacting the police. So I strongly recommend completely ignoring him as he is clearly not stable.


Like that save the AG council site, I have resisted the not so strong urge to even dignify A. Ochs with a click.

In some ways though, it may be like reading the Trib,

helpful to know what the other side is thinking,

even though there’s not much, if any truth to it.




Nah…once you read four or five of his posts, you pretty much got the drill down.


Yeah, I guess I made the “hate mail” list…whatever that is…don’t really care. I was honestly very bored waiting for the Mayor results on Friday and decided to check out the FB page, simply for amusement as the FB page is as Silly as A Ochs is. I only gave it notice because of a very divisive comment made by City Council Member Barneich, which has since been removed after I made.ment that it showed her bias. Somehow that was threatening, or scary…and now I am some sort of public enemy #1

It is apparent that A Ochs elevator doesn’t go to the top….That is of no mind to me, it’s the fact that an Arroyo Grande Council member believes and agrees with most of the NON FACTUAL BS he spills onto his wacky page, citing away his anonymous sources. Then she makes comments that incite the uninformed to think the “Police Union” has created this big tactic to further their labor negotiations. That SCARES ME, Barneich PERPETUATES the Tea Party Farce, and considers those who subsequently questioned the ethics and standards of this City Council without merit, with her inane hysterical comments like this one on CCF Facebook in response to a post by CCF

Kristen Fellows Barneich “Hometown Radio”?? Not so much. Comments like this from Congalton actually scare the !@#$ out of me. I have never felt so unsafe in my town. I’ve been through many fights in politics…saving the Loomis Barn, banning formula businesses in the Village, etc. This is not “I don’t agree with you.” This is an all out war with hate speech, threats and intimidation. Some (not all) of the opposition are out for blood. They don’t just disagree with you. They want to ruin you, your family, or anyone else that gets in their way. This is absolutely frightening on every level.

Like · Reply · 7 · Yesterday at 10:52am

He can go ahead and report whatever he wants to whoever he wants…just know that I am VERY CONFIDENT in who I am, what I do, and what I say, here’s hoping A Ochs is equally confident in spewing his misquotes and lies.


CYA that Barneich FB quote was made on Nov 8th, just in case she decides to erase that one too. In fact, here’s the post made by CCF …hate to do this to you all and give them any credit again, but this is what Barneich is agreeing with and commenting on. It is her right…to show us how lame she is….

CalCoastNews contributor and radio show host Dave Congalton encouraged Jim Hill campaign treasurer to publicly shame people who “disavow the police” in Arroyo Grande.

Treasurer Michael Byrd never did follow through on Congalton’s suggestion, which was made Oct. 28.

Congalton’s post indicates that he advocates McCarthyism and can’t differentiate between police officers and the police union. Just because you don’t support a police union doesn’t mean you “publicly disavow” police officers. Also, comments like these create a chilling effect for people who want to express themselves in a public debate.

And Congalton still refers to himself as “Hometown Radio.” Cute


Kristin should have learned from Tony—

Do NOT poke that bear.

It’s more than a little frightening that she has not learned anything these past few weeks.


Should be no surpise. I don’t think she was appointed to the council because of her scintillatingly brilliant mind.

the guy paso

Congalton is not relavent, he ceased credibility years ago. Let’s move on and wait for Weds. Results.


Where have YOU been?

Dave was instrumental in giving a voice to the residents of AG

who believe the City Manager violated City policy on July 3,

and Mayor Ferrara led the cover-up of it all.

Not relevant? HA!

The voters of AG beg to differ,

Mr Ferrara may even agree at this point, his view of the fringe may be changing after Nov 4.


I don’t always agree with him (no big surprise, eh?) but he is still definitely “relevant.”


Yes Mary, he is.

And anyone who worked on the Jim Hill campaign will swear to it!


wow, she KFB has completely come unhinged…..the wheels are coming off the chariot.


You mean she had wheels at some point? Okay I just training wheels count.


Are you referring to the Aaron Ochs who describes himself as “… a critically acclaimed rock singer-songwriter from San Luis Obispo…”, and whose specialties include; “Writing, editing, publishing, team-building, social media collaboration, social media marketing, social media researching, public relations, crisis management, creating and producing high-quality graphics, developing and promoting web sites, creating interactive online communities”

Can’t imagine he has much business based on his lame CCF and FB pages.


The part that got me “crisis management”—that is funny.


Just ignore the troll. The little men in white coats were supposed to take him away years ago.


mkaney, telling us Aaron Ochs is not stable is certainly not “NEW” news. We have known that all along. Like the cops are going to do anything? They are to busy sleeping in their patrol cars.