Crash victims escape SLO cemetery alive

June 16, 2015

SLO CemataryA pickup truck left the road, drove through a fence and into San Luis Cemetery Monday evening. [KSBY]

The driver and passenger sustained just minor injuries in the crash. An ambulance responded to the scene and medical personnel treated the driver and passenger for their injuries.

It is unclear why the pickup left the road. The vehicle was driving on South Higuera Street by Elks lane when it left the roadway.

Officers found the pickup hanging down into the cemetery with its left rear wheel on the sidewalk.



  1. achillesheal says:

    I saw where they broke through the fence on South Higuera on the straight away after the left hand curve. High rate of speed likely.

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  2. Tom Bodine says:

    So far authorities have recovered twenty two bodies.

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