California murderer granted state-funded sex change

August 10, 2015

prison barsA convicted murderer serving a life sentence in the California prison system will receive a taxpayer-funded sex change, a legal settlement indicates. [LA Times]

California has agreed to settle a federal lawsuit by granting Shiloh Quine, formerly Rodney Quine, a sex reassignment operation. The settlement marks the first time a state has agreed to pay for an inmate’s sex change.

The procedure will cost $15,000 to $25,000, according to Quine’s lawyers. Following a ruling in a similar case earlier this year, a spokeswoman for the state’s prison medical system said sex reassignment surgery could cost as much as $100,000.

Quine turned 56 on Friday, the day the state settled her case. Quine has been incarcerated since 1980 when she was convicted of first-degree murder, kidnapping and robbery in Los Angeles County.

She has repeatedly attempted suicide since entering the prison system.

Prison officials initially turned down her surgery request. But, the state’s expert concluded in June that Quine required the operation.

Clinical psychologist Richard Carroll, who is the director of the Sexual Disorders and Couple Therapy Program at Northwestern University in Chicago, said the operation would alleviate severe pain and reduce Quine’s depression, anxiety and risk of suicide.

The state conceded that Quine suffers severe gender dysphoria that can only be treated by conforming her body to her psychological gender. The department of corrections issued a brief statement explaining the state’s position:

“Every medical doctor and mental health clinician who has reviewed this case, including two independent mental health experts, determined that surgery is medically necessary for Quine”

The state granted Quine the sex change on the same day that Governor Jerry Brown granted parole to an inmate who was awarded a taxpayer-funded sex reassignment operation by a federal judge. By receiving parole, Michelle Norsworthy, formerly Jeffrey Norsworthy, lost out on her state-funded sex change.

But, Norsworthy’s case likely made it possible for Quine to be granted a sex change in prison. In April, U.S. District Court Judge Jon Tigar ruled in San Francisco that the state was violating Northworthy’s constitutional rights by refusing to provide her care for a serious medical need.

State attorneys were scheduled to challenge the ruling at an upcoming appellate court hearing. Following Northworthy’s parole and the settlement of Quine’s case, it remains unclear whether sex reassignment surgery is actually a constitutional right.

Critics say, in Quine’s case, California’ is granting something to a prisoner that is not available to the law-abiding public. Also, the case increases the likelihood that other inmates will request sex changes.

Nearly 400 transgender inmates in California are already receiving hormonal treatment, according to prison medical data.

If Quine receives the sex change, she will move to a women’s prison.

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Is this the way our state government is going to protect us? By changing an inmates sex? First of all that is not possible. You can mutilate someone Physical being but that does not change their sex. When will the voters in this state wake up? The progressives are progressing us to hell. We have learned today that yet another American citizen from our area (Santa Maria) was raped and killed in her own home by an illegal Sanctuary city alien, I will say it again AN ILLEGAL ALIEN!!!!! I don’t care if our governor Moon Beam Brown restricted the word Alien today. (the nerve of him and shame on him) If the shoe fits wear it.


give me a break!

Create a prison for those who suffer severe gender dysphoria (transgenders: male and female), Paso Robles Boy’s School is available, and let them figure out who they are. They can have group therapy, medication for depression, sex with whatever and serve their time and have the psychological treatment they need I would have severe depression too if I was in a State prison). Caitlyn Jenner can come and assist them with their transformation. Did this all happen in prison or did they have these issues beforehand. Maybe they don’t like their roommate or friends (or maybe they do). Bottom line, I do NOT want to pay for these surgeries and it looks like 400 could be on the horizon if we allow this. Just put them in their own prison!

This state is doomed…

First a taxpayer sex change for a convicted murderer and now we have Governor Brown signing a law that bans the word “alien” from California law.

Voters passed Prop 47, which made most property and drug crimes misdemeanors, not punishable by jail time; the police stop enforcing these laws and no longer report these crimes to the FBI for statistical tracking purposes, thus creating the false impression crime is going dow when it is really going up.

This state is turning into a cross between Dante’s Inferno and Orwell’s 1984.

As I have said repeatedly, “It’s a brave new world”.

Well that makes sense, doesn’t it!

Every one of the idiots that promotes this insanity deserves a sex change operation performed by a chimpanzee with a hatchet. As a taxpayer I would be willing to fund that procedure

smiley…..Craigslist has the best of comments. Am thinking CCN should as well. Yours would be at the TOP!

our tax dollars at work. just goes to show, more so than this inmate, we need change

Heaven forbid we should violate an inmates’ human rights and not provide for him/her to be who he/she truly is. Imagine the outrage if this were denied!