Arroyo Grande man identified as victim of Christmas Eve crash

December 29, 2015

ambulance 4The California Highway Patrol has identified the man killed in a Christmas Eve crash in San Luis Obispo as Arroyo Grande resident Connor Wiens, 29.

Wiens was involved in several collisions on southbound Highway 101 near Los Osos Valley Road. Following the second crash, Wiens was ejected onto the highway, and multiple vehicles struck his body.

Around 9:40 p.m., a rear-end collision occurred involving Wiens’ Honda Civic and a Chevrolet Tahoe. The collision disabled Wiens’ car and caused it to partially block the fast lane of the highway.

About two minutes later, an oncoming vehicle struck Wiens’ car while the Arroyo Grande man was still inside. The impact threw Wiens onto the highway.

The CHP has not determined how many vehicles struck Wiens while he was lying on the highway. Responders pronounced him dead at the scene.

No one else suffered injuries in the series of collisions.


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Who rear-ended who in the initial contact? I trying to armchair quarterback this or pass judgement but was Wein unable to get out of his disabled vehicle? Blocking the fast lane at night in such low visibilty and staying IN your vehicle is a death sentence. Best to get on the guardrail and if you have or someone helping has flares, like you should, set them upstream and keep your head on a swivel behind safety watching for those commonly inattentive drivers which are guaranteed to come along and wipe your car out!


If the driver of the Tahoe was responsible for the original accident and Mr. Weins actions were not irresponsible, sitting in your disabled car doesn’t sound suspect, is the Tahoe driver also responsible for the chain reaction accidents? Or is the driver who hit a disabled vehicle at some fault? Where is the rest of the story?