Oregon standoff protester speaks out

January 26, 2016
Neil Wampler

Neil Wampler


Like many alcoholics and drug users, I have found myself responsible for a horrible tragedy. In a drunken rage, I committed the crime as described in the Cal Coast News, and have had to live with it on my conscience ever since.

For the record, I wish to note that soon after, I called the police, turned myself in, pled guilty, accepted the sentence rendered by the court, did four years in prison and was released in 1981.

It is bitter to see that had it not been for my activism and my proselytizing for liberty, I would never have come to the attention of the media. The malicious, politically motivated “expose” of a simple private citizen like myself has become SOP for unprincipled news sources which try to shift the dialogue away from the issues and onto a personal nullification.

I’ve seen much buzz, and will not dignify most of it with a response.

A few corrections are in order however. First, despite what any second or third hand sources may have said, I recognize my status as a prohibited person and am not armed. I’ve never been much interested in guns, and am serving as camp cook in Oregon.

Secondly, I had never heard of this Officer Tony Cipolla, never have had a conversation with him on any subject, and certainly never made a demand to him that I be allowed to have a gun. Perhaps Cipolla would care to specify the date and time of the interview he claims – but he can’t for it never happened.

Thirdly, I owe no apology to anyone today for my past history, as I have lived for generations now as a peaceful productive citizen, husband and father and clean and sober. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Neil Wampler is a 68-year-old man from Los Osos and one of the protesters in the armed occupation of a wildlife refuge in Oregon

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Give the person a break … faced the mistake and is doing what he believes in.

I should add if persons are walking around armed in front of the police THAT is just plain nuts and disrespectful.

Yeah only the police should be armed. They are such good shots.


600 shots to kill the hostage and 4 bank robbers. Laughable.

He murdered his father and you consider that a mistake? Interesting.

Well it certainly is a singular occurrence

And your point is what. He killed a man…his own father. Is it only a mistake if you kill only once…I think not.

I wasn’t on the jury. I don’t know the family dynamics. I don’t know if it was premeditated. SO, imho after one serves their sentence they reenter society and have the right to peacefully voice their opinions and demonstrate nonviolently. This protest should have been without arms and the protestors should have gone to jail peacefully.

If the protest was without arms, the protesters would have been removed the first day. BTW, why all the fictitious names? Has this county become a circus of gutless wonders?

If these people do not like America, go to another country. I’m tired of these self-appointed protectors of the Constitution who are wasting law enforcement’s time and costing the taxpayer a lot of money. They do not represent all Americans.

I will gladly leave. Give me the taxes that I paid back, then I am off.

Where would you go?

No other country would accept the nuts we do. Oh, maybe Somalia…the Libertarian paradise with no rules .

Well, Neil, sounds like there will be a few less pancakes for you to flip this morning.

Who the H is voting against Neil having less pancakes to flip? The fewer sausage links he has to cook, the more time he has for militia’ing.

Tony Cipolla propagandizing? Nah. He only tells the truth in the context of whats good for the prison industrial complex.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff employs a full time Reich Minster of Propaganda. The Sheriff pays someone with your money to distort facts. Wow.

He’s no Lavoy Finicum (RIP), that’s for sure.

“…Officer Tony Cipolla…” Tony Cipolla is no officer, has no formal law enforcement experience and other than being a friend of Ian Parkinson, who wanted to make himself look important, Cipolla was hired after KSBY refursed to pay him what HE THOUGHT HE WAS WORTHY. Option: Work for government, you will get everything you want, you don’t even have to be good at it, and don’t worry, you will never be held accountable for your position.

Talk about a waste of money. I would rather have a deputy hired that a “spokesman”. Not even the County Administrator has a spokesman, but we are talking about Ian Parkinson, the seeker of toys and privilege.

$400k a year on taxpayer dime. There are Fortune 500 CEO’s who make less than him with 10,000 times the responsibility.

Perhaps you missed the heyday of KSBY News when the late great Rick Martel, the revered meteorologist Sharon Graves (before Fishmaster hubby got caught masturbating in public), Mustang Mitch Massey on sports, the lovable Lynn Diehl, and a certain apple-pie, good-as-gold weekend anchor named Tony Cipolla ran the show. The good ‘ol daze.

Bet their Sheriff doesn’t have an attack boat.

Mountains in Oregon ? Yeah, you’re tweeky !

Some militia.

Fine, now go home

No, seriously, I want you out of my state, go home, nobody wants you up here.

Despite your belief that merica’ is a Democracy and the majority rules, it isnt. America is a Constitutional Republic where the individual has rights. So he can stay.

As long as no one insults his wife – then it’s a frying pan to the head, and you know them cowboys up in Burns is usin’ good ‘ol iron skillets to fry their potatoes in.

American’s have rights but not the right to conduct illegal operations. These people are costing taxpayers a lot of money due to their self-importance attitudes. They obviously have too much time on their hands. Go get jobs or leave America if you do not like it here.

give me my taxes back and i go…..

Where to? Tell me about this magical Taxfreeland.

Vagabond, he’s in Oregon, not California and he’s a native Californian. Are you implying that you are one of those Oregonians who live in California without paying Ca. taxes, since you’ve been commenting for years on this blog? Or, are you commenting from Oregon?

I live in Oregon

Thanks for taking the time to write this, dude. But the results are in and you are a still a murdering POS. The “price” you’ve paid is weak. And here you are again…. Looking for trouble. Your cause is a shtty excuse to stomp your feet and continue to buck authority. Too much consideration and lieniency for violent offenders in this country. You owe an apology to everyone affected by murder and volent crime for living as long as you have. Sleep tight dirt bag.

I am with you in sobriety and in spirit for your cause. Ignore the press-you have paid the price and served your sentence and now are free to do as you please.

I’m not at all sure a convicted felon is “free to do as he pleases.” The fact is, he is not.

Well said!

You have my respect for doing so.