Oregon standoff protester speaks out

January 26, 2016
Neil Wampler

Neil Wampler


Like many alcoholics and drug users, I have found myself responsible for a horrible tragedy. In a drunken rage, I committed the crime as described in the Cal Coast News, and have had to live with it on my conscience ever since.

For the record, I wish to note that soon after, I called the police, turned myself in, pled guilty, accepted the sentence rendered by the court, did four years in prison and was released in 1981.

It is bitter to see that had it not been for my activism and my proselytizing for liberty, I would never have come to the attention of the media. The malicious, politically motivated “expose” of a simple private citizen like myself has become SOP for unprincipled news sources which try to shift the dialogue away from the issues and onto a personal nullification.

I’ve seen much buzz, and will not dignify most of it with a response.

A few corrections are in order however. First, despite what any second or third hand sources may have said, I recognize my status as a prohibited person and am not armed. I’ve never been much interested in guns, and am serving as camp cook in Oregon.

Secondly, I had never heard of this Officer Tony Cipolla, never have had a conversation with him on any subject, and certainly never made a demand to him that I be allowed to have a gun. Perhaps Cipolla would care to specify the date and time of the interview he claims – but he can’t for it never happened.

Thirdly, I owe no apology to anyone today for my past history, as I have lived for generations now as a peaceful productive citizen, husband and father and clean and sober. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Neil Wampler is a 68-year-old man from Los Osos and one of the protesters in the armed occupation of a wildlife refuge in Oregon

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Mr. Wampler sir, I thank you for your fearless defense of the Constitution of the United States of America.

The feds are attempting to gradually squeeze the use of public lands from the industrious, thus effecting Americas productivity, and her gross national product. This has come about because of the environmentalists lobby in Washington DC.

The federal government acquired these lands through the treaty of Hidalgo, and they became territories of the US, however as these territories became states of the union the feds. hoarded these territories…why? What are the feds going to do with these lands? I can tell you this… nothing productive. The feds hold these lands to wield power over we the citizens of the United States.

Any land that falls within a states boundaries should come under the jurisdiction of that particular state.

There is room is this vast land, now the holdings of the federal government, for bird watchers, photographers, tree huggers, ranchers, and miners.

It is my hope that we will soon have a republican administration, and we can pass legislation to free these lands to the people of whom they belong.

Thank you again for your unswerving patriotism.

It is my hope Mike that you get some mental health help. The land belongs to the people – all the people- not wanna be fake John Waynes.

Time for little boys to stop playing army and go back to whatever ranch or cabin they bunker down in to feed their paranoia.

No one is going to “go back to whatever ranch or cabin they bunker down in”, they are going to Federal Prison for their seditious acts.

That’s a good place to feed paranoia too, I hear.

I think you’ve made another horrible mistake, Neil.

Despite what you apparently think, participating in the armed takeover of federal property is not normal behavior for “a peaceful productive citizen.”

Most people actually think it’s an act of treason.