Why is Adam Hill silent on firing of Coastal Commission director?

February 17, 2016
SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill, Dee Torres, developer Gary Grossman and Pismo Councilman Erik Howell.

SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill, Dee Torres, developer Gary Grossman and Pismo Councilman Erik Howell.


A week has gone by since the firing of the Executive Director of the Coastal Commission, and no public comment by Supervisor Adam Hill whose district includes the coastal zone from Montana De Oro south to the Oceano Dunes. Why are you silent, Mr. Hill?

Late last Wednesday, after an all day meeting in Morro Bay with more than 1000 people attending, the commission emerged from a closed-session to announce it had voted to dismiss Dr. Charles Lester. All of the speakers spoke in support of the state’s most important guardian of sensitive habitats and public access to the coastline. Thirty-five former Coastal Commissioners, including San Luis Obispo County’s own Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian, wrote in favor of Dr. Lester’s stewardship of the fragile California Coast.

For the many environmental and community groups that support the Coastal Act, firing Dr. Lester creates a major political rift over development and access on the 1,100 miles of coastline in California.

Avila, Pismo, and Grover Beaches are all coastal communities that may face significant development impacts from this back room decision made by a slim 7-5 majority of the Coastal Commissioners.

Erik Howell, Pismo Beach city councilman and Coastal Commissioner, led the charge to remove Dr. Lester, stating that “a lack of communication and needless delays on projects in the coastal zone” were reasons he voted to dismiss the commission’s Executive Director.

After his dismissal, Dr. Lester told the LA Times that “This commission seems to be more interested in and receptive to the concerns of the development community as a general rule. There is less focus on how we can make decisions to implement the Coastal Act.” The San Luis Obispo Tribune even awarded the commission a “boatload of brickbats” for the secretive firing, calling it “arbitrary and at odds with public opinion”.

It should be noted that Mr. Howell is an avid supporter of current 3rd District Supervisor Adam Hill’s reelection. He is listed as an endorsement on Mr. Hill’s website, along side many developers.

It’s no secret Mr. Hill has been a supporter of substantial development throughout his district, including Avila and Pismo. Just look at his campaign financial disclosures – every major developer has made substantial donations. Could it be that Mr. Hill had some influence in Dr. Lester’s demise?

It appears convenient to have an impediment like Dr. Lester removed so his financial supporter’s projects could move through the process with less scrutiny.

Why hasn’t Supervisor Hill addressed this publicly, explaining to his constituency in these coastal communities why he supports this decision or doesn’t? Is he playing politics again to get reelected?

So, where do you stand on this Supervisor Hill? Do you support your good friend and campaign endorser Erik Howell and his development backed colleagues, as well as yours, in the firing of Dr. Lester, or do you stand behind the thousands of 3rd district residents, including myself, that want the coastline protected from irresponsible development?

Your constituency awaits Supervisor Hill…….if you can’t answer, I am sure the electorate will on June 7.

Dan Carpenter is a San Luis Obispo councilman and a candidate for the San Luis Obispo County District 3 supervisor seat currently held by Adam Hill.


Nice picture of Torres (insert wolf whistle here)…what is she doing with that creep?


Does any of this really come as a surprise?

Who thinks Erik Howell is any different than the rest of the crooks he keeps company with?

Our county is one big cesspool of companions in corruption.

All the guys working the big deals, like PB Companies, Grossman, NKT, Mangano and the likes should all be fitted for their orange scrubs along with the politicians they funnel their dirty money to.


surferdude and everyone, please do not cut and paste full articles from other publications into the comments.

A excerpt and link is fine and customary.


Some of the FB comments on the Times

“. I was at that 12 hour meeting and was appalled at the level of smug superiority displayed by most of the board members.

I also hope someone in the appropriate position files a complaint with the FPPC against Councilman Erik Howell – what a piece of…”work” he is. And I live in Pismo Beach so he can look forward to me trying to bring his “ambitions” into alignment with his “expertise” (look for me at any public event you plan, Erik).”

“Thanks for exposing the sliminess of Howell.”

“I can smell the stench way down here in Santa Barbara. Pismo Beach! are you listening? Maybe a recall is in order? Or, at least, don’t re-elect Erik Howell! “


I like this one:

“So is anybody filing a complaint with the FPPC about this? Might as well give Councilmember Howell a little dyspepsia for his sins.”

“Thanks Steve for continuing to delve into the “little lower layer.” Loved to hear about the research done by the Henry’s daughter. Today I called Erik Howell’s office, left a message asking what reply he might have to some of the allegations/campaign contribution information regarding the contribution by a Susan McCabe employee. Fat chance there will be any comment from him. Called the Governor’s office as well. Hope people will keep up the drumbeat of objection to what is going on with the CCC”.


Looks like my original posting went away????

check out Steve Lopez article featuring local Pismo Beach City Councilman Erik Howell



Dan Carp

Please read these articles in the LA Times. Pay attention 3rd District Voters…..your Supervisor remains silent about the firing of Dr. Lester and his involvement with supporter Commissioner Howell.


Fulks appears to have cinched the muzzle a bit tighter.


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I have voted for Adam Hill. Adam explain yourself. Do you support the decision to can Dr. Lestor???


What a photo! Gary’s hands on Adam and Erik! Like this picture isn’t worth a million words, however you take it. Anyway, shows a way too cozy relationship between the evil demon of the Coastal Commission, the evil demon of the SLO Supes, and a developer with a not so great record he refuses to talk about.


Thomas A

Be sure to visit with Adam Hill at Wooly’s Beachfront Reception in Pismo over a glass of wine, Feb. 28th 3-6. Ask questions and see if he can remain cordial. The public is invited.



Cordial? That ship has sailed, look to see if he gets violent.


Not worth $50 to see his antics.

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Or just show up before or after the event and ask Adam Hill questions as he heads up or down the stairs. You may record your questions and his answers with your phone video cam, being it a public establishment, and Hill a public figure. Afterword will be fun, as it is always very entertaining when Supervisor Hill partakes in alcoholic drinks. A short video clip would say a thousand words.


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For more on Adam Hill and his antics, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lf7pnIzWYr0