Dog tossed at Orcutt protesters, found dead

March 24, 2016


A dog was found dead at a teachers’ rally in Orcutt on Friday. Witnesses said the dog was thrown from a truck into a crowd of people at the demonstration. [KCOY]

Last Wednesday, a 14-year-old blind toy poodle named Sam disappeared from the backyard of Johnnie and Sophia Schwark’s Orcutt home. On Friday afternoon, Sophia Schwark received a call saying the dog found at the rally matched the description of Sam.

It is not known whether the dog was killed before it was thrown out of the truck.

Police have not located any suspects. They are searching for a maroon truck.

Two animal rights groups are offering a combined reward of $8,000 for anyone who finds the person or people who abducted and killed the dog. Anyone with information about the case is asked to come forward to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office.

Sophia Schwark said Sam was a beloved part of the family. The Schwarks lost their two sons in a Christmas Eve fire at the family’s Santa Maria apartment in 1999. The boys were 10 and 12 at the time of their deaths.

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Research and statistics have shown that individuals capable of such atrocities with animals often move on to human victims. Our Governments are aware that these animal abusers are a threat to our communities. California needs Animal Abuse Registry law implemented! So that communities, animal shelters, rescues, ect. can protect themselves from these criminals. Make no mistakes whether you are an animal advocate or not these criminals will move into your neighborhood and commit heinous crimes!

04/04/16…A couple weeks have passed. Does anyone know if these idiots have been caught? We have not seen a thing on the news…Very sad for all involved.