Adam Hill must go

April 28, 2016

Jim Duenow


The election season is upon us and I fear disasters are in store for us. The worst will be the likely reelection of Adam Hill for the District 3 San Luis Obispo County supervisor seat.

The reason Hill’s reelection is likely is not that it is merited but rather that his campaign is awash with money. A cabal of real estate developers, who received favored treatment from Hill, has raised this money. Developers like Gary Grossman, John Belsher, Ryan Petetit and others are in Hill’s pocket and he in theirs.

Also, it has been observed that special interests like PG&E and Phillips 66 funnel money through the Democratic Central Committee only to Hill.

Another example is about money to Hill’s wife, Dee Torres Hill. After being let go from her job with CAPSLO for allegedly stealing gift cards meant for homeless people, she started her own alleged nonprofit corporation to aid the homeless. Her board of directors resigned en mass after seeing how she was running the “nonprofit.”

What she is really doing, is using her business to launder money to her husband, Adam Hill. Developers, such as Gary Grossman, suddenly decided to aid the poor by shoveling $40,000 to $50,000 to Dee Torres’ “nonprofit.”

No one has been able to see the books of the “nonprofit” to see where the money really goes and apparently the business has not reported its income to the IRS. Money laundering?

With all this money, Hill is likely to fool the voters and demolish his opponents with ads filled with blatant lies. He has already lied about his opponent Dan Carpenter’s record. He has made references to Carpenter’s daughter and called her a “troll.” The man has no shame.

Adam Hill has a reputation as a bully. He is worse than that, he’s a cruel, vindictive and vicious bully.

Take the example of Karen Velie who publishes CalCoastNews. Ms. Velie has written about the various peccadillos of Hill and his minions. Hill, in retaliation, has vilified Ms. Velie on his website. He has called her a drunk, a convicted felon, a resident of mental health hospitals, and other things too obscene to present here. All untrue.

Hill has personally confronted CalCoastNews advertisers and threatened them in various ways if they continued to advertise.

With Adam Hill, it is all about money and power. He is so obviously corrupt that one wonders where our law enforcement people are hiding. Hill probably has something on them, too.

We, the voters, are the only hope to solve this problem. Though unlikely, I hope wisdom prevails and Adam Hill is sent packing in the June election. Hope springs eternal!

Jim Duenow, a Democrat, has lived in San Luis Obispo County for 50 years. He is a civil trial lawyer, now semi-retired, who has served on multiple San Luis Obispo City commissions and committees.

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Adam Hill is a fraud. Don’t believe me? Observe his political ad on TV. He is a fraud as is Dee.

Lee Collins, Tracy Schiro, Michael Blank, Steve Gessel… Bruce Gibson…posers all of them. And they do not represent what is good about SLO County.

Mr. Duenow,

District 3 voters appreciate your no holds barred assessment of Mr. Hill.

We also hope you have one hulluva following.

Debbie Peterson was certainly not a seat-warmer in Grover Beach. She got things done! That’s why Adam and his henchmen specifically targeted her for defeat and unfortunately they succeeded by using underhanded tactics which is typical of them.

An important note Don the Beachcomber: Adam Hill and his henchmen are NOW, in this supervisor race, specifically targeting Dan Carpenter with the attack radio ads and mailers.

It is obvious that Adam Hill is a prostitute of the highest money-politics bidder.

Can anyone name a city (or county) that went bankrupt because of low taxes, non-union labor and a free market?

Debbie Peterson is in a stronger position to defeat Hill because she can pull Democrat as well as Republican votes, conservatives and moderates. Dan Carpenter can’t do that.

Debbie Peterson stated at the recent AGGB Chamber candidates’ forum that

*she is not for the re-licensing of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear plant

*supports another county sales tax increase

Also remind all that Debbie Peterson

*was defeated in her re-election campaign for Grover Beach Mayor

*co-founded the SLO Chapter of the leftist ACLU.

Vote Dan Carpenter for Third District Supervisor! Dan the Man!

Just in, from an acquaintance’s family member who knows first hand:

SLO County Supervisors are exempt from drug testing.

Too bad…doubt that Adam would have passed one the night of the forum! Only one on the dais who did not say he’d take a drug test. Very telling.

Let’s send the Fat Tub of Goo back to Joisey! Maybe Hill can try being a gangster in the toilet he came from…

Eloquently transmitted Mr. Louis.

Fire Adam Hill

The Joisey classic for me was Adam Hill refusing to clean up after his dog, routinely, at an elementary school athletic field because he is Adam Hill. He also does not clean up after his wife who s**ts on the community in her own way.

Voters in District 3 of San Luis Obispo County need to do to Hill what the City of Arroyo Grande did to Tony Ferrara – REPLACE HIM!

I’m voting for Carpenter as a vote for Peterson is a wasted vote.

” … as a vote for Peterson is a wasted vote.” In a word, NO – this is a representational democracy, we get to vote for the person we want elected. Voting for Debbie Peterson is not a “wasted vote” by any means. Vote for who you want, it isn’t “wasted”, it is your expression of your participation in democracy.

A vote for Debbie Peterson is not a wasted vote. Carpenter/Peterson together must get 50%. A wasted vote is that not cast by a Peterson supporter for Carpenter in November. Don’t vote for Hill because you think he is closer to Peterson’s views. Hill can be bought by any developer. So no point in reelecting this corrupt Democrat. Vote for Carpenter to get rid of Hill and then Debbie can take a shot at Carpenter and make her case next time.

To those who attended the debate…what are your thoughts?

Did one candidate stand out?

The best Non-debate so far……… and we know Adam Hill doesn’t want to take a drug test, but that’s not really a surprise.