SLO woman announces run for council, then gets burglarized

July 1, 2016

SLO_City_Emblem_fullcolor_neutralbkgA San Luis Obispo woman announced last month that she is running for city council. Less than 48 hours later, a burglar broke into her home and stole an iPod, jewelry, computers and other possessions.

Mila Vujovich-La Barre said she would be shocked if there is any connection between the burglary and the announcement of her campaign. The council candidate said burglaries are becoming the norm in San Luis Obispo and residents ought to be cautious.

“Times are changing in SLO,” Vujovich-LaBarre said. “As of Thursday, a part of me has died. The trust factor is altered.”

Vujovich-La Barre announced her candidacy at a Tuesday evening council meeting on June 14. Her home was burglarized at around 12:25 p.m. on June 16.

Prior to the burglary, Vujovich-La Barre had left the back door of her home open for the dog, she said.

The burglars entered the house, took pillow cases off the bed and stuffed them full of belonging. The intruders went through a home office and personal belongings. One of the computers they stole was a laptop belonging to Vujovich-La Barre’s daughter.

“I felt very violated,” Vujovich-La Barre said.

While the burglary was in process, there were workers in the neighborhood. One neighbor saw a person believed to be a suspect, as well as what is believed to be the suspect’s vehicle. The person in question is described as a white man with glasses. The vehicle was a white or light silver sedan with a partial license plate number of 7JDY.

San Luis Obispo police have recently warned that residential burglaries and vehicle break-ins are on the rise in the city.

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Bigot. The burglar was WHITE!

The City Councils’ no. 1 job is to protect SLO’s citizens. With all the increasing crime of the past few years, if this candidate is just now getting her “trust factor altered,” she is not qualified to represent me on the council. She needs to look at the crime map in any neighborhood to see what I’m talking about.

Bull! The City Council’s #1 job is to waste your money. There is no nexus on the city council, police department, or anybody else to “protect”. Look it up. Read the booklet “Dial 911 and die”. The PD’s job is to catch criminals and solve crimes. “Protect and Serve” is a misnomer. Your protection is up to YOU and the liberal politicians are making it damn near impossible to do that.

Thankfully, there is one person on the city council who consistently votes NOT to waste our money, Dan Carpenter. Hopefully he can throw Ass Hill out on his ass. But I digress, seriously folks, anybody who can find in government code, state constitution, or anywhere else that our safety is the job of the local government or the police department, post up. I understand the “thumbs down” votes, but do yourself a favor and read “Dial 911 and Die”. You will change your mind in a hurry.