Despite DNA evidence, no prosecution for officer accused of rape

November 1, 2018

Christopher McGuire


The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office has elected not to charge a Paso Robles Officer accused of sexual assault while on the job even though his DNA was found at the alleged victim’s home, officials said at a press conference on Thursday. [Cal Coast Times]

While DNA evidence showed that the Sgt. Christopher McGuire had sex with the alleged victim, District Attorney Dan Dow said he could not prove the sex acts were not consensual. Investigators noted that some of the sex acts occurred while the officer was in uniform.

“We have no evidence to show a forcible sex act by officer McGuire,” Dow said.

After the alleged victim called 911 to report she had been assaulted by her boyfriend, McGuire was one of the officers routed to the woman’s house to give assistance. While the other officers left following the arrest of the victim’s boyfriend, McGuire stayed behind.

McGuire is accused of pulling the victim on his lap before sexually assaulting her.

A few days later, McGuire returned to the home and ordered the woman to perform a sex act in her garage while threatening to have SLO County Child Welfare Services take her children if she did not comply, the victim said. Investigators later found the officer’s DNA in the victim’s garage.

For years, residents of Paso Robles have accused McGuire of abuse of power, sexual misconduct and homophobia. But because many of the alleged victims have drug or criminal histories, they believe their reports have been discounted.

At the press conference, Dow said his office interviewed other alleged victims who they were able to track down. And even though sheriff’s investigators sought prosecution, Dow’s office concluded there was not enough evidence to secure a conviction.

McGuire recently resigned from the Paso Robles Police Department.

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That’s funny Dog pound. obviously you have never had the dishonor of being in the system. if it was ANYBODY else accused of this crime they would of been paraded in a orange jumpsuit and bail would of been extreme and they woyld be placed unproductive custody. but this piece of SHIT racist cop was put on Paid leave, allowed back on the street and then allowed to quietly resign. what a joke. people are clueless what really goes on in the courts. it’s a disgusting site. if people are innocent until proven guilty then why are they all in cages and given high bails and all of the ones unable to make bail are poor? but if your a cop or a person of power, your allowed to roam freely. slo county is as corrupt as they come.

Well, Ex-con, what you are saying is NOT accurate. When people are accused of a crime, they are not immediately arrested and thrown in an orange jumpsuit. When there is zero “probable cause” to arrest, then there cannot be an arrest. There will be an investigation, but that also does not lead to an arrest. Sometimes all the facts are gathered and then submitted to the DA to make a decision. Sometimes there is just not enough proof. Happens often. Just because YOU think he is guilty does not make it so. Others are arrested and bail is set, true. When there is probable cause to arrest, they get arrested. They are still innocent until proven guilty, but now the Court has to make a determination as to if they may be a danger to the community or not. The more risk, the higher the bail. Do you want an accused murderer to walk the streets? Probably not. Not sure how SLO County “is as corrupt as they come” as the system is the same all over.

Like I said your clueless. 95% of all convictions in this county is a plea deal, and that’s because the county gives the accused no choice but to take the deal or get reamed by the county with their bottomless pit of money to make sure your found guilty. How is a person supposed to afford a attorney to fight a bottomless pit of money like the d.a.s office has?! You can’t beat them. They will lie and cheat to get their convictions. As for your not arrested until AFTER the d.a. looks at it is bullshit. You ARE arrested and told a crazy bail amount, like the average person has $10,000 sitting around to pay it. But this clown with numerous accusations of having sex with females who were caught with dope is a blatant abuse of power.he used his badge as a way to get into their pants. And yes I know a couple of the females. Yes they have records and yes they let him. But only because they didn’t want to be arrested. He’s a piece of shit who raped under the color of authority. Period

A vast majority of convictions are plea deals because a plea is a money saver from having to go to trial. The accused always have a choice: if you are guilty take a plea, innocent then don’t. Bottom line, don’t break the law. Pretty easy as most in our society do not. You are not reading what I wrote, you are just getting emotional. There have not been “numerous accusations” at this juncture, only one. Why didn’t anyone else come forward? We always hear “I know somebody…” but there never is anyone else.

There are a few truths in the justice system that most of you fail to understand. Many of you need to stop reacting out of emotion and look at facts instead. First, the accused are “innocent until proven guilty”. That is one truth that still holds, except on social media where people jump to conclusions based on emotion. Second truth: elements of the crime have to be met through evidence, witness testimony, etc. So in this case, only two people know what really happened. One said forced, the other said consensual. Of course his DNA will be there as he admits to consensual sex. The presence of DNA puts him there, which he does not deny. If they had an affair and had sex a few times, then the consensual thing is more plausible. Could have there have been force? Maybe, but there is zero evidence.

As far as “womanwhohasbeenthere” the DA cannot just make up charges hoping for a plea bargain. That is malicious prosecution and illegal and unethical. Sorry people. There was not enough evidence to show what she claims. Not because he is a cop (who are actually held to a higher standard), but because there was no evidence. It is unfortunate for all involved, but to circle the wagons and light the torches on social media is wrong and coming from uninformed and emotional elements. Law is not emotion. It is fact based. The facts did not add up. To try and pacify some of you he will never work in law enforcement again.