Despite DNA evidence, no prosecution for officer accused of rape

November 1, 2018

Christopher McGuire


The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office has elected not to charge a Paso Robles Officer accused of sexual assault while on the job even though his DNA was found at the alleged victim’s home, officials said at a press conference on Thursday. [Cal Coast Times]

While DNA evidence showed that the Sgt. Christopher McGuire had sex with the alleged victim, District Attorney Dan Dow said he could not prove the sex acts were not consensual. Investigators noted that some of the sex acts occurred while the officer was in uniform.

“We have no evidence to show a forcible sex act by officer McGuire,” Dow said.

After the alleged victim called 911 to report she had been assaulted by her boyfriend, McGuire was one of the officers routed to the woman’s house to give assistance. While the other officers left following the arrest of the victim’s boyfriend, McGuire stayed behind.

McGuire is accused of pulling the victim on his lap before sexually assaulting her.

A few days later, McGuire returned to the home and ordered the woman to perform a sex act in her garage while threatening to have SLO County Child Welfare Services take her children if she did not comply, the victim said. Investigators later found the officer’s DNA in the victim’s garage.

For years, residents of Paso Robles have accused McGuire of abuse of power, sexual misconduct and homophobia. But because many of the alleged victims have drug or criminal histories, they believe their reports have been discounted.

At the press conference, Dow said his office interviewed other alleged victims who they were able to track down. And even though sheriff’s investigators sought prosecution, Dow’s office concluded there was not enough evidence to secure a conviction.

McGuire recently resigned from the Paso Robles Police Department.

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Even if the DA feels he can’t get a conviction on this, there is such a thing as plea bargaining – you charge the accused with lots of crimes and plea bargain down. DAs do it all the time. That’s how they get such high conviction rates.

Not in a case involving a police officer. He probably has a lot of dirt on others that is best left alone. And the City of Paso cannot reveal or comment on any personnel info. His next job elsewhere is probably already set up as part of the deal. Back to the valley.

Why, wasn’t it just a week or two ago that DA Dow produced an opinion piece about how it was time to start “believing the women” when it comes to sexual assault?

I do believe what he meant to say was “believe the women unless they are accusing a nobleman.”

This is the double standard of a police state.

Had the accused been a mundane, non-uniformed, non-badged, disarmed serf, then most assuredly he’d be in jail.

Dan Dow has made it glaringly clear he has no interest in protecting female victims of crime. This week excusing rape charges and terroristic death threats made against the womans march moment organizers. We will be addressing Dan Dows lack of interest in protecting women at this weeks march to the polls this Saturday November 3rd, from Mitchell park to the post office to hand deliver our mail in ballots.This will NOT be forgotten next election, so enjoy your last years in office #PleaDealDanny

I find it curious that the folks that attack Dow here so ardentlyysupport his cronies in local politics, namely Arnold, Compton and his promoter Peschong. Why is that, considering there has been no secret of their allegiance? (Genuine question) It doesn’t seem to be consistent with the comments I read asking for political accountability.

Not political accountability, legal accountability. Ian and Dow are the top law enforcement officials here and need to act from that place, not from the political place.

I actually don’t support Dow’s cronies, who are Hedi Harmon, Adam Hill, Ian Parkinson, Bruce Gibson, Caren Ray, Jimmy Paulding to name a few.

Dan Dow, you are in bed with the worst of them. Didn’t Adam Hill start a shell company to launder Belsher’s and Petetit’s bribes?

But Dow was supported by, and supported Arnold. My recollection is Hill supported his opponent.

Dan Dow has allowed Adam Hill to extort local business owners for years now. It is actually illegal and Dow is responsible to act. It is a crime for an elected DA to allow crimes to continue. Dow protects Adam Hill just like he is protecting this rapist cop. 

McGuire is a dangerous serial predator. Targeting drug addicts shows premeditated forethought. This is a dangerous man with inside knowledge of police investigation procedures. Dan Dow clearly does not have public safety in mind.

Enough evidence for the department to fire his ass but not enough for you to do anything, eh Dan? How do you sleep at night? It’s about time the many different groups affected by your lack of law enforcement organize and rally in front of your office until you step down.

That is a jump to a conclusion. How do you know he was fired? You do not. Make sure you know facts before acting out. Here is a fact: you are wrong.

Is anyone really surprised? Dow has shown time and time again he protects the special class. We also now know having sex in uniform while on duty isn’t a problem. Special rules for special people.

We do seem to have a special class forming in local politics. It has gotten much worse since we elected a professional politician to the District 1 seat. Gone is the statesmanship. Here is the cronyism

It’s nice to be a member of law enforcement. Law Enforcement follows completely different rules that are not available to the average citizen. Don’t believe me read the Police Officers Bill of Rights.