FBI agents raid San Luis Obispo County Government Center

March 11, 2020


FBI agents swarmed into the San Luis Obispo County Government Center on Monterey Street early Wednesday morning, serving a sealed search warrant.

While county officials are remaining mum about the raid, it appears to include Supervisor Adam Hill’s office on the fourth floor. For more than five years, CalCoastNews has reported allegations of corruption surrounding Hill, several developers and a group of marijuana businessmen.

“At 7:10 a.m. today, the FBI served the County of San Luis Obispo a search and seizure warrant under seal,” said Wade Horton, county administrator. “The county is complying with the warrant and allowing the FBI to conduct their investigation at the County Government Center.”

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I can only imagine more than just Adam Hill got nervous…

Bad boyz Bad Boyz whatcha going to do when they come for you .There must be a crowd of county officials and employees freaked out right now .Hopefully the FBI is in SLO County for a long long time . The list of corrupt employee’s is pages long. Could start with small fish like the county HR employee that has had section 8 housing assistance for 10 years

Hope they dig up the files on Corrupt Sheriff Pat Hedges and how they took my dispensary down and dragged me in chains in Federal Court accusing me of mandatory minimum crimes I did not commit fabricated by the Sheriff, his posse of Lyin deputies and a Lyin ass Federal Prosecutor David Kowal. They are all a bunch of thieving crooks who stole my livelihood and have been living off ill begotten pensions and my prosecutorial back for 13 years.




#todayisday 4731

I suspect they’ll find there are “lost” laptops and very clean file cabinets.

New Rochelle NY has about the same population as SLO has during the day — about 70K. Just for grins listen to a minute or two of New Rochelle Mayor (Noam Bramson) being interviewed re COVID-19.

Compare Bramson to Heidi Harmon as you listen to him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpSHSKaAWX0