Three people stabbed after curfew in Santa Maria

June 7, 2020

Santa Maria police officers are searching for the person or persons involved in the stabbing of three people on Saturday evening, during a citywide curfew.

Late last night, officers discovered three people had been stabbed on the 400 block of North Railroad Avenue. Investigators have not yet released information regarding the condition of the victims.

A citywide 9 p.m. curfew was instigated last week following rioting and a stabbing in the same area. The curfew is scheduled to end on Monday.

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They were out after curfew?…did they have masks on?…throw the book at them…..

Are routine Santa Maria weekend, or weekday for that matter, stabbings now delineated as before or after arbitrary curfew hours, and why?

Just like guns, curfews are only for law abiding citizens. Criminals?, not so much.