25 barrels of oil spilled near Los Alamos vineyard

October 27, 2020


Approximately 25 barrels of crude oil spilled at the HVI Cat Canyon facility in Los Alamos Tuesday morning, but the spill did not spread into any waterway.

Shortly before 6 a.m., a caller reported the spill at 5017 Zaca Station Road, according to the Santa Barbara County Fire Department. The HVI Cat Canyon facility is located close to the Zaca Oil Field and Firestone Vineyard.

Secondary containment captured the crude oil that spilled. Fire personnel arrived at the scene and oversaw the cleanup process.

State regulators previously sued HVI Cat Canyon Inc. over numerous oil spills and polluting waterways in Santa Barbara County. In 2008, HVI, then known as Greka Oil & Gas Co., spilled oil into a creek behind Firestone Vineyard.

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Greka (changed their name because it was so toxic) has an alarmingly high rate of spills and overall negligence in its operations. They have been fined numerous times for over 1,500 violations in the Santa Maria area and Orange County. They have also been found to forge records. They should be permanently put out of business.

For once, I can agree with AT. Greka gives the oil industry a bad name & reputation. Most oil companies are good stewards, this company is not and should not be allowed to continue its operations…under any name.

You just clean it up. Overall, the oil industry does an amazing job. Really! Look how the oil industry extracts, transports and processes from all over the world compared to the number of accidents. The pollution is from burning a very useful product. As Pogo says, “We have met the enemy and the enemy is us.”

Above ground. Below ground. No big. Just walk along the beaches of Santa Barbara and look at the oil clumps on the beaches. Walk along the coastline at Montana De Oro and view the oil clumps attached to the rocks. Upwelling of oil under the seabed.

Only difference between the two is that Man has harnessed it and when it spills, all of the wackos come out of their holes and scream; POLLUTION!, POLLUTION! POLLUTION!

Drive the back roads from Santa Paula to Ojai and it is oozing out of the ground alongside the highway. Same over by Magic Mountain!

“when it spills, all of the wackos come out of their holes and scream; No big!, No big! No big!”

Fixed it for you.