Protesters planning to disrupt traffic in San Luis Obispo

October 29, 2020


A group comprised primarily of Cal Poly students is planning to disrupt the evening commute in San Luis Obispo on Thursday, and in the future, until their demands are met, according to Abolitionist Action Central Coast/SLO’s Instagram posts.

“We will haunt the ones in power and give them no peace,” the group says on a flier promoting the protest aimed at forcing the SLO County District Attorney’s Office to drop charges on all protesters and for local governments to meet their demands. “We can finally have the numbers and sustained pressure to win.”

The AACCS demands the SLO City Council and the SLO County Board of Supervisors enact the following measures:

  • Drop charges against 2020 protesters
  • Abolish the district attorney’s office and jails
  • Defund law enforcement
  • Provide rent, mortgage and utility relief for everyone retroactive to April
  • Provide free counseling and drug rehab to people of color
  • Provide a college fund for low income people of color
  • Provide free transportation and internet for all
  • Enact a wealth tax to pay for their demands

The group, comprise of the Cal Poly Black Student Union, Cal Poly Students for Quality Education and black and indigenous students and community members of color, is planning to meet at 5:30 p.m. at Mission Plaza. They are not currently disclosing where they plan to march.

“Fuck the pigs who thought it was a good idea to arrest these black and brown folks,” the group posted on Instagram. “We know that these conditions, the very existence of policing and incarceration, are themselves violence on our communities that have gone unchecked for far to long.”

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Who are these people? I am going to go out on a limb here and guess not one of them has ever struggled to pay a bill, stood in a line of any sort and undoubtedly carry a credit card from Mommy or Uncle Sam. These people proclaim to care about others, yet behave and live like the narcissists that they truly are. The ink on their message is fading. Come up with a logical, mature presentation and you will have the dialog necessary to achieve positive results. Parading around town in non inclusive behavior will only get you negative results. Be smarter!

The demands can all be boiled down to “give me free shit’. Disgusting

I was curious about who some of these people are. The Cal Poly Students for Quality Education Facebook page states “Fighting for a free, accessible, and opportunistic CSU!”

How do “people of color” differ from “colored people?”

The reason I ask is because the former label is considered very PC, while the latter label is considered to be racist. So what’s the difference?

Who are these people? And where did they come from? They seem to be very racist. I have so many questions? Who does “people of color include”? “Are Asians considered yellow? Is yellow considered a “color”? And if so are they included as “people of color?” I would love it if being half Asian or Hispanic would enable my family members to get free college. But what about my niece who is caucausian, Japanese, Filipino, Hawaiian, Chinese but doesn’t know what percentage of each she is? And is white a color or a neutral or a shade? If white is considered a neutral, or a shade, then is black also considered a neutral or a shade? So would they both be considered people of color or both not be considered people of color? And what percentage of color must one be to be considered a person “of color”? Does shade of color matter? Does some one who is dark brown pay the same for college as someone who is light brown? Or black? If we defund the police, and abolish the DA’s office and the jails, what would happen to the drivers that purposefully run over the protestors on the freeway? Would they just be considered “protesters” protesting the “protesters”? And have all charges dropped against them? But with law enforcement defunded and the DA’s office abolished, who would file charges against them in the first place? And with no jails, where would they go? Would they get free counseling? Would running over a protestor on the freeway be considered an act of free speech? So many questions so little answers.

Excellent questions. Now if we could only find a way to get these pertinent questions to the student groups mentioned. If only we could communicate with a Cal Poly adviser to the groups mentioned, who obviously are not asking the students these very important questions. I feel sorry for the students not receiving an education in logical thinking. Cal Poly is falling down on their job, with our tax dollars, by the way.

I received a donation request this afternoon fro the Cal Poly Alumni association. It went straight to the “round file.”

Until there is more discipline and accountability coming from the administration they will never see a dime from me ( beyond what I am forced to pay through State income taxes).

Hey President Armstrong, regents, and faculty, are you listening?

Pretty sure I am not alone.

All very logical questions. These children have not a modicum of a clue, do to their lack of any life experience and responsibility.

Well, OK- now we’re finally getting down to the business at hand here. The bigoted racist college student “protestors” and their left-wing so-called “professors” have an ideal opportunity to address these very questions.

If they haven’t already, they could rely on the racist decrees of the pre-majority rule South Africa and its Apartheid laws and definitions. For example, take a quick look at this from’s article “Racial Classification Under Apartheid”:

“Over the years, certain unofficial tests were also set up to determine the race of individuals who either appealed their classification or whose classification was challenged by others. The most infamous of these was the “pencil test”, which said that if a pencil placed in one’s hair fell out, he or she was white. If it fell out with shaking, ‘ colored’, and if it stayed put, he or she was ‘black’. Individuals could also be subjected to humiliating examinations of the color of their genitals, or any other body part that the determining official felt was a clear marker of race.”

If you think that brief excerpt is interesting, then you may wish to read the full article:

It’s fascinating reading, particularly the reference to the notorious case of Sandra Laing.

These so-called “protestors” are so stupid and ignorant that they have no idea that they are the actual racists. And this is quite an achievement, because, a person is usually either stupid (low intelligence) OR ignorant (lacking in pertinent information). But these so-called “protestors” have accomplished the unique challenge of being both ignorant AND stupid. As, well, of course, of being very, very dangerous.