Hidden gun? No problem for Santa Maria police, video

April 17, 2024


With help from a furry companion, Santa Maria police officers seized a gun that a suspect was hiding inside a vehicle in the aftermath of a reported road rage incident. 

Dispatchers sent patrol officers to the area of Enos Drive and Broadway where a suspect had reportedly brandished a firearm during a road rage incident. Officers located the suspect’s vehicle and apprehended all of its occupants as they conducted an investigation, according to the Santa Maria Police Department.

Officers asked the suspect where the gun was. The man responded, “Somebody said I had a gun? I don’t have a gun.”

K-9 Odin then arrived and located a revolver inside the vehicle. Officers arrested the suspect.


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Curious why the pistol is in a very unsafe condition, with the hammer back?

Santa Maria has become a lawless sh__hole, I recommend staying away form the place.

Odin said you had a gun and Odin new exactly where it was. Scooby Treats!!

K9 Odin — Good boy!!!

“Oh Say Less” — whoever is doing the SM PD video captions needs a raise — but why blur the faces?

As for the crime — road raging in a mini-van, holding a Buntline Special is about as ridiculous as it gets. Wyatt Earp is rolling over in his grave.