Truck plunges into ditch in San Luis Obispo

April 17, 2024


A pickup truck plunged into a ditch in San Luis Obispo on Tuesday. 

The Dodge Ram truck was hauling a trailer that fishtailed. The pickup and the trailer then ended up in a ditch along Orcutt Road near Tank Farm Road, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department. 

No other vehicle was involved in the crash.

Police officers and firefighters came out to the scene. A passenger in the truck received treatment for minor injuries. 


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The electrical box, tree, house, ditch, and more in the past week. Bad driving in this town. These are not minor fender benders, this is reckless, inattentive, dangerous driving. Dying to get back on my bike, or dying if I do get back on my bike. Ah springtime.