Grover Beach approves recall petition, signature gathering begins

May 30, 2024

Councilman Daniel Rushing


After receiving a demand to comply with a court order to approve a petition to recall Councilman Daniel Rushing, Grover Beach approved the petition on Wednesday.

Last week, San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Craig van Rooyen found that City Clerk Wendi Sims violated the law in her rejection of recall petitions for Mayor Karen Bright and councilmen Daniel Rushing and Zach Zimmerman. Sims refused to approve the recall petitions unless certain statements she found false or misleading were removed from the petitions.

Even though the suit noted issues with each recall petition, because both Bright and Zimmerman are up for election in November, the suit focused on Rushing’s recall petition.

After failing to abide by the court order and approve the recall petition on Tuesday, Grover H2O’s attorney Ellis Raskin of Hanson Bridgett sent a letter on Wednesday morning demanding the city abide by ht order.

In a press release, city officials said they were abiding by order while still arguing their side.

“Ultimately, the Superior Court did not rule on anything other than the manner in which a challenge to false and misleading statements is required to be brought forward,” according to the press release. “Although the city maintains its position and is concerned about the precedent this ruling sets, the City Council has decided to withdraw the city’s appeal to the Superior Court ruling to avoid further delay and the costs of a special election.”


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Wow, that is certainly some spinning on the part of the City. “City Council has decided to withdraw the city’s appeal… to avoid further delay and the costs of a special election.” This makes it sound like the City is taking heroic action to avoid a special election when all they have done for months is to try to force such an election.