O’Connell to announce plans on Friday

Former Superintendent of Public Instruction and Central Coast state Senator Jack O’Connell is expected to make an announcement Friday concerning his post-political career. Sources tell CalCoastNews that O’Connell and his wife Doree will relocate to Sacramento where they have kept... (Continue reading)

Sanitation district showdown set for Wednesday

A proposed investigation into accusations that the administrator of the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation District (SSLOCSD) has been using his position to funnel monies to his private engineering company is on the district’s Wednesday board meeting agenda. Allegations of... (Continue reading)

Avila Beach Sea Life Center scavenger hunt, event photos

Hunting for two new additions, clown fish Oz and Lula, entertained children of all ages at Sundays’ Avila Beach Sea Life Center fundraiser. Family friendly activities included a city wide scavenger hunt, shark petting and a jelly fish light show.... (Continue reading)

County approves Los Osos sewer project

After decades of discussion, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to build a $189 million sewer project in Los Osos. State mandates require a sewer system because septic tanks are polluting the groundwater. Arguments over the... (Continue reading)

Teixeira picks his first fight

UPDATE: Tuesday 9:16 a.m. San Luis Obispo County 4th District Supervisor Paul Teixeira asked that his proposal to replace the elected South County Advisory Council which represents the Nipomo area with an appointed advisory group be taken off the agenda... (Continue reading)

Breathe easy — radiation rumors are false

The Internet has been ripe with a persistent rumor during the last 48 hours, complete with color graphs, suggesting that radiation from northern Japan’s damaged nuclear reactors would be reaching California during the next ten days. However, county public health... (Continue reading)

Disabled man files lawsuit against San Luis Obispo police officer

The lawyer for a developmentally disabled Atascadero man, who said he was physically assaulted in March 2010 by an off-duty San Luis Obispo police officer, filed a lawsuit against the city and the officer seeking damages last week. Scott Summers, 50,... (Continue reading)

Appeals lodged against Carrizo Plain solar plant

Four appeals have been lodged against the San Luis Obispo County Planning Commission’s approval of SunPower’s proposal to construct a 250-megawatt solar plant on the Carrizo Plain. [Tribune] Opponents of the project want the Carrizo Plain protected as a habitat... (Continue reading)

Mountain Lion at the Oceano Dunes?

Local photographer Amy Joseph was capturing images of the Oceano Dunes on Saturday afternoon when she took a few photos of what she thought was a stray horse. To her surprise, zoom images appear to show a mountain lion running... (Continue reading)

CalPERS seeking $200 million increase in funding

CalPERS staff has recommended a small change in investment projections that is likely to cost California $200 million or more.  [MercuryNews] The California Public Employees’ Retirement System Board had estimated that the pension fund’s investments would make 7.75 percent interest... (Continue reading)