Guantanamo detainees to Berkeley?

The Berkeley City Council is set to vote this week on a recommendation from its Peace and Justice Commission that allows one or two “cleared” Guantanamo Bay detainees to resettle in the Bay Area town. [SF Chronicle] Peace and Justice... (Continue reading)

Fatal house fire in San Luis Obispo

A 100-year-old man died because of injuries suffered in a fire Friday at his home on Villa Court in San Luis Obispo. Two firefighters searched the home which was engulfed in flames while additional fire crews fought the blaze. One... (Continue reading)

Man shoots at restaurant in San Luis Obispo

A Santa Maria man was arrested for allegedly shooting a gun from his car towards a group of people standing outside Tonitas Mexican Restaurant on Nipomo Street in San Luis Obispo at 1:58 a.m. on Saturday. After purchasing food from... (Continue reading)

Concern over Smart Meters increases

The debate over the safety of PG&E Smart meters continues in northern California. A property manager in Marina recently installed cages around the 142 electric and gas meters in the 70-unit apartment complex on Monterey Bay in response to PG&E’s... (Continue reading)

Congress considering extending jobless benefits

The long-termed unemployed would receive an additional 14 weeks of benefits under a bill introduced in Congress this week. [CaliforniaWatch] In California, there are more than 330,000 people who have exhausted the maximum 99 weeks of unemployment insurance, recently dubbed... (Continue reading)

Brown flies solo to LA chamber speech

Gov. Jerry Brown flew from Sacramento to Los Angeles Thursday morning to deliver a major speech before the Chamber of Commerce. That, in and of itself, is not news. But people are talking because the new California governor made the trip... (Continue reading)

Oceano water sale rejected

After hours of public comments and debate, the members of the Oceano Service District on Wednesday voted 3-2 against the sale of 100 acre feet of water to Pismo Beach. Oceano is in serious financial trouble with failing infrastructure and... (Continue reading)

McCarthy drops by White House for private lunch

House Majority Whip and Republican congressman Kevin McCarthy has a special lunch date Wednesday. He’ll be eating in the private dining room of the White House with President Obama and Vice-President Biden. [LA Times] McCarthy, whose congressional district includes parts... (Continue reading)

Arroyo Grande gets new elevator, non-profits get the shaft

Arroyo Grande city officials are looking to take monies granted to local non-profits to cover the cities miscalculations for the cost of placing an elevator in the cities new city hall building. City officials, utilizing estimates provided by the city engineer... (Continue reading)

Autism triples among children in California

The number of children with autism in California has tripled since 2002 according to new state education figures released in February. [California Watch] More than 680,000 students – 11 percent of all California public school students – are enrolled in... (Continue reading)