San Francisco vape ban embraces harm over science

OPINION by YAËL OSSOWSKI In an attempt to curb youth vaping, the Board of Supervisors of the city of San Francisco voted yesterday to ban all sales of vaping devices and e-cigarettes. The ban was passed unanimously and will apply... (Continue reading)

Proud to say I have committed to play baseball for my dad at Cal Poly

OPINION by BROOKS LEE Cal Poly is an amazing school with resources that apply to everyone who goes there. For me, the one resource I look forward to the most is my father, Larry Lee. He has contributed more than... (Continue reading)

Governor Newsom and the sanctuary state

T. Keith Gurnee

OPINION by T. KEITH GURNEE Gov. Gavin Newsom, having recently released his revised 2019-2020 California budget with its highly touted $21.5 billion surplus, is doubling-down on welcoming thousands of undocumented immigrants flooding across our border. Not only is Newsom throwing... (Continue reading)

Oppressed by cannabis cultivation

OPINION by RENEE O’NEILL It was perplexing but not entirely surprising to read, one of our supervisors attempting to discredit Ann Louise Bardach, who is a respected, PEN Award-winning author and journalist. This prompted me to respond: As a result... (Continue reading)

Cry for San Luis Obispo

OPINION by RICHARD SCHMIDT Once upon a time, writing about a place since destroyed by human greed, a guy wrote a chapter in a book called Thrive that claimed the burg San Luis Obispo was the happiest place, with the... (Continue reading)

Lawsuit delaying closure of dangerous Arroyo Grande intersection unacceptable

OPINION by JAMES GRANT A lawsuit filed by a winery company that put on hold the El Campo and US 101 safety improvements that were to be started on May 13, came as an unexpected and crushing disappointment to us.... (Continue reading)

Laetitia Winery owners respond to criticism over lawsuit

Opinion by Terry Wheatley, president of Vintage Wine Estates Open letter to the San Luis Obispo County Community: We have heard your voices and want to open up a conversation about the closure of the four crossings, inclusive of the... (Continue reading)

Family calls for boycott of Laetitia Winery

By JAMES GRANT Our response to Laetitia Wineries suit to stop Caltrans from making the safety improvements at El Campo and other crossings. While we continue to assess our full response here is what we plan on doing: 1. Call... (Continue reading)

Is SLO County staff working to reduce public participation?

By JULIE TACKER As a countywide government watcher from Los Osos, I have been expecting the long-awaited Morro Bay sewer plant proposal to make its way through San Luis Obispo County’s approval process and perhaps to the California Coastal Commission.... (Continue reading)

Calling out the SLO New Times Shredder

OPINION by T. KEITH GURNEE This week, one of my friends told me that my name was in the April 11 issue of the SLO New Times and The Shredder again. Since I don’t read the New Times anymore, my... (Continue reading)