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Gordon Mullin

Gordon Mullin is a financial adviser in San Luis Obispo.

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PG&E has done enough for SLO County

OPINION by GORDON MULLIN The California Public Utilities Commission held a public meeting this week giving interested parties the opportunity to present their thoughts to commissioners who are considering the Joint Proposal, an agreement between PG&E, several environmental groups and the union at Diablo Canyon, outlining details of the closure recently forced upon PG&E’s last […]... (Continue Reading)

Vote no on Measure J

OPINION by GORDON MULLIN Measure J is yet another proposed tax increase on November’s ballot. It’s been requested by our local governments and is intended to fund roads and transportation infrastructure. I’m voting no. Here’s why. First, some background. The State of California used to pass along a bigger slice of the gasoline and other […]... (Continue Reading)

Post Diablo suggestions lacking

OPINION by GORDON MULLIN After reading the extensive opinion piece by the Tribune’s editorial board, “Seeking economic help post-Diablo Canyon,” I was struck not so much with the suggestions proffered but by the absence of any proposals that will, in fact, work. The Trib’s litany of suggestions to alleviate the economic impact of the closure […]... (Continue Reading)

Don’t like Trump or Clinton? Here is an option

OPINION by GORDON MULLIN Its election season and most folk assume that they have only one of three choices for president: vote for Trump, Clinton or stay home. But I suggest there is another alternative. First, a little background. For me, the option between Trump or Clinton is the least palatable choice of presidential candidates […]... (Continue Reading)

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Mixing words and deceiving SLO County voters

OPINION by GORDON MULLIN Our SLO county council of government (SLOCOG) and seven cities have recently agreed to put a sales tax measure before the citizens this November and the governments and the media are already staking out positions. The money, if the measure passes, is intended for county-wide roads and transportation and you can […]... (Continue Reading)

Saving for retirement, affordability or priority

By GORDON MULLIN Often when I’m meeting a new client, I ask about whether they have any sort of savings plan in place. Perhaps, I inquire, they could be saving for a home, a new car, further schooling or their own retirement. When the answer is, “no, I can’t afford it,” then I may say, […]... (Continue Reading)

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The minimum wage charade

OPINION by GORDON MULLIN Both chambers of the California state legislature recently passed the largest increase in the minimum wage in decades and the Governor promises to sign the bill. The claim by supporters is that the raise will make workers at the bottom of the pay scale better off. I say it will do […]... (Continue Reading)

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Mom and Medi-Cal

By GORDON MULLIN (Editor’s note: This is the first edition of a column by San Luis Obispo financial planner Gordon Mullin called A Penny Saved) $95,136.88 That’s the sum that my deceased mother’s estate owed to California’s Medi-Cal program. That’s the amount they paid for her long-term care (LTC) in a local nursing home, and after she passed, […]... (Continue Reading)

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Time to eliminate the federal corporate tax

OPINION By GORDON MULLIN The unemployment rate remains stuck around 10 percent; higher for youth and minorities. Incomes are stagnant and the greatest wealth creation machine in history, the U.S. economy, is jammed in neutral.  You can hear the gears of industry grinding away but there’s no forward movement.  The happiest comment I’ve read lately […]... (Continue Reading)

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Understanding greed

OPINION by GORDON MULLIN I’m greedy. When I do my taxes, I don’t ask myself, “what’s the fair amount I should pay?’  Nope.  I just attempt to follow the byzantine tax rules as best as I can hoping I don’t make a mistake and find myself on the receiving end of an IRS audit.  I […]... (Continue Reading)

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