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Islamic group practicing Jihad on San Francisco buses

The Council on American-Islamic Relations is advertising Jihad on the sides of San Francisco buses. [Huffington Post] CAIR is attempting to reclaim the meaning of the controversial term in its My Jihad campaign that uses billboards on city buses to... (Continue reading)

Supervisors to spend thousands on airline magazine advertising

The San Luis Obispo County Tourism Business Improvement District is asking the board of supervisors to purchase advertising in the US Airways Magazine promoting a coastal wine tasting route. The magazine spread will consist of a 23 page feature on... (Continue reading)

Adam Hill tied to phony mailer

Members of the San Luis Obispo County Republican Party contend Adam Hill’s campaign is trying to influence the vote by sending out phony mailers in an attempt to give the false impression Hill has the Republican Party endorsement. An advertising... (Continue reading)

She’s sexy, she knows it, and she’s 5

A child celebrity’s mother is suing three major media outlets for airing a video and reporting on the actions of 5-year-old Isabella Barrett when she danced and sang an electro-rap song entitled “Sexy And I know It” at a New... (Continue reading)

Home Depot stores profiting on veterans

Veterans, enticed by the promise of special discounts, load their carts at Home Depot stores only to discover the advertised discounts require a non-existent veterans’ service card. While a portion of veterans receive medical cards, the bulk are expected to utilize... (Continue reading)

This is not an ad for marijuana

Escalating their war against medical marijuana in California, federal officials now will try to put a lid on newspaper, radio, and other media advertising of medical marijuana. U.S. Attorney Laura E. Duffy, whose district includes Imperial and San Diego counties,... (Continue reading)

Tipping: Breast size does matter

Americans leave behind an estimated $40 billion in tips every year, but promptness by the server may not be the only criteria determining the size of the gratuity. [Smart Money] The popular notion has long been that diners tip based on... (Continue reading)

The cars women love

The Volkswagen Beetle is the car most likely to be purchased by a woman, according to a new national survey. [LA Times] Just over 56 percent of people registering a new Beetle were women, according to the survey by (Continue reading)