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Former Arroyo Grande teacher arrested for child sex

A former Arroyo Grande High School music teacher was arrested last week in Bakersfield and charged with two felony counts of child sex abuse. [BakersfieldNow] Luke Youngs, 34, is being charged with continuous sexual abuse of a child and lewd... (Continue reading)

Do you want fries with that?

A former employee of the Arroyo Grande McDonald’s says she was coerced into prostitution, at times having sex with up to 12 men a night,  by the restaurant’s former manager, according to Courthouse News. Shelley Lynn filed a lawsuit against... (Continue reading)

Cross burning defendants offered plea agreements

The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s office offered plea agreements to the four defendants accused of committing a hate crime against a black teen in Arroyo Grande last year. [Tribune] On March 18, 2011, Jason Kahn, 36, Jeremiah Hernandez,... (Continue reading)

Arroyo Grande chief’s history of sexual harassment allegations

Complaints of sexual harassment against Arroyo Grande Police Chief Steve Annibali and his former commander John Hough appear to mirror allegations two women made against  them while they worked for the Breckenridge Colorado police department, according to the 1998 and... (Continue reading)

Racial intimidation escalates in Arroyo Grande

On Friday, the African American teen who awoke last March to find an 11-foot cross burning outside her bedroom window pulled into the Shell service station on Grand Avenue with her mother. They then discovered two racist flyers placed over... (Continue reading)

Nipomo man arrested for attempted murder

Police arrested a Nipomo man suspected of stabbing an Oceano man repeatedly on Thursday for attempted murder. Luis Mendoza, 24, allegedly stabbed Fabian Medina, 23, following a fight in Medina’s truck. Following the altercation, the victim checked himself into the... (Continue reading)

Peter Yarrow shines at the Clark Center

By COLIN JONES Some artists and athletes are simply known by their first name: Kobe, Demi, Tiger. The name of singer/ songwriter Peter Yarrow may not mean a lot but Peter, Paul and Mary certainly does. On Saturday night, the... (Continue reading)

Arroyo Grande man robbed seven banks

An Arroyo Grande man pled guilty Thursday in federal court to several bank robberies. As part of his plea agreement, Robert Todd Bruce, 51, agreed to reimburse the seven banks he confessed to holding up while only pleading guilty to three... (Continue reading)

Another Arroyo Grande sex harassment claim

Another Arroyo Grande police officer says she was sexually harassed and discriminated against, and that department and city officials ignored reports of illegal acts. Michelle Cota is suing the city, the police department, Chief Steven Annibali and former Commander John Hough... (Continue reading)

California leads the nation in hate crimes

California recorded more hate crimes than any other state in 2010, according to recently released findings from the U.S. Department of Justice. California reported 1,331 hate crime offenses in 2010. Three of those crimes occurred in San Luis Obispo. The... (Continue reading)