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Gay marriage gets high court look

California’s current ban on gay marriages will be scrutinized by the U.S. Supreme Court, which decided Friday it will review a legal challenge to the voter mandate. (Sacramento Bee) The high court will consider a prior decision by a federal... (Continue reading)

Plans afoot for nonprofit campaign transparency

Two California senators are seeking to require more disclosure of nonprofit campaign contributions in the aftermath of a political campaign marked by secret, out-of-state infusions of huge amounts of cash. (Sacramento Bee) Democratic Sens. Ted Lieu and Leland Lee said... (Continue reading)

School funds may stymie reform

Approval by California voters of Proposition 30, the school finance measure, may have thrown a monkey-wrench into public education reform, some advocates of change are asserting. But teachers’ union representatives disagree. (San Jose Mercury News) The $6 billion injection may... (Continue reading)

Ruling leaves Wal-Mart more vulnerable to CEQA suits

Wal-Mart may now face lawsuits for using the initiative process to sidestep the California Environmental Quality Act due to a state appellate court ruling. [California Watch] The retail giant, which currently faces a CEQA suit for its newly approved Atascadero... (Continue reading)

Voters pass Brown’s Prop. 30

California voters approved Gov. Jerry Brown’s measure to raise taxes to fund public education. Proposition 30 passed with just under 54 percent of the vote, allowing schools to avoid billions of dollars in automatic spending cuts. The measure increases the... (Continue reading)

GMO prop drops in poll as spending against soars

As food and biotechnology giants spend millions of dollars battling Proposition 37, support for the mandatory genetically modified food measure is sinking. [California Watch] An October 25 poll by the Los Angles Times and the USC Dornsife College of Letters,... (Continue reading)

Vote yes on Proposition 38

OPINION By MARK BUCHMAN Proposition 38 sends money directly to local schools and local folks get a say in how it is spent – plain and simple. Money cannot be hijacked by legislators. It cannot be used to increase salaries.... (Continue reading)

Anti-death penalty support mounting

Voter support for a ballot measure to repeal California’s death penalty has increased dramatically now just 3 percentage points behind those in favor of capital punishment, a new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll has found. [LATimes] The survey, conducted last... (Continue reading)

Brown’s tax plan faltering

With polls showing support slipping for Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax measure, Prop. 30, the state’s chief executive yesterday raised the threat of a $6 billion cut to California education in the event voters reject the temporary tax increases. (Ventura Star)... (Continue reading)

Lawsuit targets CSU Prop. 30 campaign

Is there a concerted but perhaps illegal effort afoot to urge California university students to vote for Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative, Proposition 30, using tax dollars? (Sacramento Bee) Howard Jarvis’ Taxpayers Association thinks so. The Sacramento-based group announced today... (Continue reading)