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California and SLO County getting older

With a declining birth rate and rising life expectancy, California’s population will be getting older over the next several decades. By the year 2060, more than one quarter of the state population is projected to be 65 years or older.... (Continue reading)

California birth rate hits record low

California’s birth rate has fallen to a record low, dropping below the lowest level during the Great Depression. [Sac Bee] The state’s current rate is 12.42 live births per 1,000 people, according to a report released Monday by the California... (Continue reading)

California departments hoarding more than $2.3 billion

While California legislators vote to cut funding to schools and healthcare, state departments have underreported more than $2.3 billion, according to a analysis of 500 special funds by the Mercury News. Following the discovery that state parks had underreported $54... (Continue reading)