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Rate payers on the hook for PG&E’s seismic study

The State Public Utilities Commission agreed last week to allow PG&E to pass the $64 million cost of a planned seismic survey near Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant on to its customers. [KSBY] The current proposed plans are to use... (Continue reading)

Mothers for Peace support a delay in seismic testing

OPINION By MOTHERS FOR PEACE San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace supports gathering seismic information about the earthquake faults near Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. In the wake of the Fukushima disaster and PG&E’s application to renew the licenses, seismic... (Continue reading)

The gory details of Diablo’s seismic testing

OPINION By JULIE TACKER Reading the Environmental Impact Report for the seismic testing proposed off our beautiful, so-called ‘protected’ coast, I do so with a box of tissues at my side and the tune of “Twelve Days of Christmas” dancing... (Continue reading)

4.5 earthquake rattles Paso Robles

A shallow 4.5 magnitude earthquake occurred about 24 miles northeast of Paso Robles at about 12:35 a.m. Monday, according to the United States Geological Survey. Several residents in both Paso Robles and Atascadero said the shaking was strong enough to... (Continue reading)

Diablo Canyon under fire for lack of current risk assessment

Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in Avila beach  hasn’t done a comprehensive risk assessment of their plants’ vulnerabilities to earthquakes for nearly two decades, according to a Government Accountability Office report released yesterday. [CaliforniaWatch] The GAO said PG&E hasn’t updated its... (Continue reading)

Atascadero’s liars and thieves $7.5 million rip off

OPINION By DAVID BROADWATER Not many locals were shocked to learn that Atascadero City officials allegedly fraudulently obtained and used $8 million in federal taxpayer money from FEMA, revealed by the recent release of its OIG (Office of Inspector General)... (Continue reading)

Atascadero filched FEMA funds

Prompted by a 2008 investigative report by CalCoastNews detailing how Atascadero city officials conspired to bilk taxpayers out of millions of dollars in disaster aid, a FEMA investigation has determined the city received $8 million illicitly. Nearly eight years after... (Continue reading)

School district illicitly garnered $13 million in FEMA funds?

The Paso Robles School District is getting a double wave of bad financial news ― not only is the district already facing a $1.59 million budget shortfall, but the federal government may be seeking the return of more than $13... (Continue reading)

FEMA may want Paso Robles earthquake monies returned

The city of Paso Robles is getting a double wave of bad financial news — not only is the city already facing a $2.1 million budget shortfall, but the feds may be looking for the return of more than $1... (Continue reading)

Is there a way to predict earthquakes?

A team of NASA and Russian space and physical scientists, in the days before the March 11 Tohoku earthquake in Japan, said the atmosphere directly above the epicenter rapidly heated up possibly providing a way to predict earthquakes in the... (Continue reading)