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Pismo Beach man carjacked at gunpoint

A Bakersfield man held a man at gunpoint and then carjacked his Toyota Echo in Pismo Beach on Wednesday. A short time later, a California Highway Patrol officer spotted Charles Ravert, 40, speeding on Highway 166. The officer began following... (Continue reading)

Peace officers buying and selling assault weapons

California peace officers have bought more than 7,600 assault weapons that are outlawed for civilians in the decade since state lawmakers allowed the practice, according to data obtained by the Associated Press after it was revealed that federal authorities are... (Continue reading)

Yep, he got even, all right

A Los Osos man retaliated against a San Luis Obispo County Superior Court judge he felt had wronged him by breaking into her home and burglarizing it, then leaving a note that led right to him, according to authorities. [Tribune]... (Continue reading)

Santa Maria police officers shot each other

The only bullets fired in Thursday’s fusillade killing a 24-year-old Santa Maria man and wounding two officers came from police weapons. A local newspaper initially reported that the fatally wounded man, Samyr Ceballos, started a shootout. “Never once did I... (Continue reading)

Armed Robbery at San Luis Obispo Subway

San Luis Obispo police are looking for a man who allegedly held up a Subway restaurant at gunpoint Saturday evening. [KCOY] At about 10 p.m., the robber wearing a nylon stocking mask entered the Marsh Street store, took out a... (Continue reading)

Two police officers shot in Santa Maria

A gunman shot two Santa Maria Police officers before being shot and killed by police during a shootout that occurred shortly after 8 a.m. today on the 300 block of Agnes Avenue. [SantaMariaTimes] The two currently unnamed officers are undergoing... (Continue reading)

Geezer Bandit robs San Luis Obispo bank

The Geezer Bandit robbed his 16th bank on Friday in San Luis Obispo shortly after 5:30 p.m. The gun wielding bandit struck the Bank of America branch  at Higuera and Santa Rosa Streets. And for the first time, the robbery... (Continue reading)

The hunt for real food, big guns and safaris

By ROGER FREBERG The search for quality ingredients and adequate cooking equipment seems to be never ending. If you’ve seen Chef Gordon Ramsay’s show “the F Word,” you understand the extremes he goes to raising or hunting for the finest... (Continue reading)

New look at gun shows on public land

A long-running battle over gun rights in California will be revisited by the entire 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals following a decision Monday. At issue is a 1999 law banning gun shows, guns, and ammunition on public property. The... (Continue reading)

Woman arrested for brandishing a gun during squatter battle

A battle over creek side squatting rights in Atascadero ended with the arrest of a woman who allegedly threatened to shoot two people. [KCOY] Shortly before 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, an Atascadero resident heard arguing coming from the creek area... (Continue reading)