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NBC “Dateline” covers local organ donor trial tonight

NBC News plans to air a segment on Sunday night’s edition of “Dateline,” covering the 2008 trial of a physician accused of improper organ harvesting at a San Luis Obispo hospital. Dr. Hootan Roozrokh, a San Francisco physician, was charged... (Continue reading)

Insurance measure qualifies for June ballot

A controversial automobile insurance initiative officially qualified for the June ballot Wednesday, but the debate has already begun about whether it harms, or helps, consumers. [San Francisco Chronicle] The measure allows insurance companies to base their rates partly on a... (Continue reading)

Obama ratings drop in California

More bad news for President Barack Obama: His approval rating in California has dropped as voters become increasingly skeptical of his proposed health care reforms. [San Francisco Chronicle] A new statewide Field Poll shows that 56 percent of Californians support... (Continue reading)

Computer snafu temporarily halts birth control prescriptions program

A computer glitch with California Department of Health Services Computers prohibited low income patients from filling birth control prescriptions during that past few days. Pharmacists throughout the state, who attempted to fill certain birth control prescriptions for patients covered by the... (Continue reading)

Rush rushed to hospital

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh has been hospitalized in Hawaii after complaining of chest pains. The 58-year-old Limbaugh was taken by ambulance to the Queens Medical Center in Honolulu Wednesday afternoon. Hospital sources are telling the media that... (Continue reading)

State to cut mammograms for low-income women

Sacramento intends to cut $10 million to Every Woman Counts, a cancer-screening program for low-income women. [Newsweek] The California Department of Public Health decided earlier this month to save money by raising the minimum age for free mammograms from 40... (Continue reading)

Jack LaLanne recovering from heart surgery

The Associated Press reports that fitness icon and Morro Bay resident Jack LaLanne underwent heart surgery in Los Angeles last week. The 95-year-old fitness pioneer is recuperating from heart valve surgery at his Morro Bay home and is expected to... (Continue reading)

SLO hospitals battle over trauma center

Mike Hodgson in the Times Press Recorder has a two part series about the increasingly ugly and bitter battle between local hospitals. The issue: Whether or not SLO County should have a designated regional trauma center at one of its... (Continue reading)

SLO ambulance charges second highest in state

By KAREN VELIE San Luis Ambulance service charges, currently under review for another rate increase, have soared over the past five years to one of the highest rates in the state. In 2003, the San Luis Obispo Ambulance base rate for a... (Continue reading)

Covert attack mounted on trauma center plan

Physicians and officials at French and Arroyo Grande hospitals have mounted a concerted but furtive effort to halt plans for a trauma center. ... (Continue reading)