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Zombie Healthcare

CalCoastNews is now including work by San Luis Obispo cartoonist Joseph Rankin. Check out his work at the Kranky Cartoonist.... (Continue reading)

Californians like Obamacare

A majority of Californians support the Affordable Care Act but most don’t believe the law will affect them very much. (Sacramento Bee) The most recent Field Poll shows 54 percent of registered voters favor the federal effort to overhaul health... (Continue reading)

French Hospital employees considering strike

The union representing employees at French Hospital Medical Center in San Luis Obispo and Marian Regional Medical Center in Santa Maria has announced plans for a three-day strike starting 11 p.m. on June 26. [MercuryNews] Labor and management of Dignity... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo employee union agrees to new contract

After nine months and an impasse, San Luis Obispo’s largest employee group and city management reached a tentative agreement following a fact finding hearing where it was revealed that the city of San Luis Obispo has $63 million in cash... (Continue reading)

Is French Hospital violating anti-kickback laws?

It sounds like any other incentive for a new company – sign up and get a gift certificate. But San Luis Obispo based French Hospital’s promotion for its new Women’s Health and Imaging Center could violate federal anti-kickback laws. French Hospital... (Continue reading)

Answering the eyeglass critics

OPINION by ROBERT THOMAS Upon reviewing the responses to my editorial regarding the lack of optometric treatment provided to prisoners at the California Men's Colony (CMC), I feel compelled to make a few comments and provide some facts. First, I admit... (Continue reading)

Proposed Medi-Cal changes questioned

Major changes for the state’s medical program for the needy are in the works, even as legislative advisers and advocates raise major questions. [CaliforniaWatch] Changes include more seniors being routed to managed care programs, a reinvention of how hospitals are... (Continue reading)

Health insurance fee looms

A new $1 fee will be charged by the federal government to your health insurance plan starting Jan. 1, the result of a largely unheralded provision of President Obama’s health care law. [SFChronicle] The annual fee, assessed to each person... (Continue reading)

Grocery workers free to strike

In a bid to speed up negotiations that have dragged on for more than eight months, officials from the United Food and Commercial Workers gave a 72-hour notice on Thursday to cancel their labor contract extension with the region’s three... (Continue reading)

Fundraiser for SLO Noor Clinic at MoTav, event photos

There are an untold number of uninsured who fall between the cracks in San Luis Obispo County. So Ahmad Nooristani and a group of medical professionalism have tackled the formidable task – and made huge inroads – with the SLO... (Continue reading)