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California student arrested for supporting terrorists

A Central California college student and member of the U.S. Army National Guard was arrested Sunday for attempting to provide support to a foreign terrorist organization. [CNN] Nicholas Teausant had also planned to attack the Los Angeles subway system in... (Continue reading)

Central Coast Bandit strikes again

A woman wanted for five Central Coast bank robberies is suspected of holding-up a Modesto bank on Thursday. A Latina woman donning a scarf entered the Farmers and Merchants Bank in McHenry Village on Thursday, mentioned that she had a... (Continue reading)

Bill amendment technique challenged

A legislative practice that has outraged voters for years and allowed lawmakers to surreptitiously slip into statute a variety of controversial measures will be challenged by a new proposal in the state Assembly. (Sacramento Bee) The Capitol tradition known as... (Continue reading)

Oceano dunes rider returns $20,000 diamond bracelet

A retired firefighter from Modesto discovered a $20,000 diamond bracelet while riding his quad at the Oceano Dunes and then worked to return the bracelet to its owner. [ModestoBee] In June, Orange County resident Robyn Giranda brought her son to... (Continue reading)