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Sanitation plant failures threaten groundwater

By KAREN VELIE During an inspection of the South San Luis Obispo County Sanitation plant earlier this year, federal Environmental Control Agency (EPA) inspectors discovered several self-monitoring and biosolid handling deficiencies that could result in groundwater contamination, according to a... (Continue reading)

Wallace Group loses contract, gains others

Spooked by a $1.1 million fine levied against a public entity due to mismanagement by the Wallace Group, agencies throughout the area are reevaluating relationships with the engineering firm and its owner, John Wallace. Oceano Community Services District Board members,... (Continue reading)

Oceano CSD update

OPINION By JULIE TACKER It’s been awhile since we last talked about the Oceano Community Services District. In August, I explained OCSD General Manager Tom Geaslen had failed to bring the permanent sale of water initiative to an agenda in... (Continue reading)

Oceano murder suspect’s friend wore a wire

A Santa Maria gang member who has denied killing a teenager and wounding another during a drive-by shooting in Oceano, talked about the day of the murder with a friend who was wearing a wire. [SantaMariaTimes] During a preliminary hearing... (Continue reading)

OCSD misses election deadline

OPINION By JULIE TACKER In January 2011, five Oceano residents, concerned about the Oceano Community Services District Board’s consideration of selling water to local developers or other cities, crafted an initiative petition.  In less than a week they gathered 577... (Continue reading)

Oceano board members’ illicit raise under fire

By KAREN VELIE Oceano Community Services District Board members are slated Wednesday to revisit their approval of an illegal raise that they voted to give themselves in July. On July 11, board president Matt Guerrero called the proposed raise hazard... (Continue reading)

Oceano district doesn’t get it

OPINION By JULIE TACKER If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?  If the Brown Act is not followed and no one is there to observe it, was... (Continue reading)

Oceano board squelches public comment

By KAREN VELIE The public comment period during last week’s Oceano Community Services District Board meeting was squelched after the board inaccurately determined rules barring elected officials from speaking about personnel issues also extended to members of the public. Public... (Continue reading)

Oceano employee’s claim leads to changes

Shortly after receiving a claim for wrongful termination that detailed a supervisor’s porn use, Oceano district officials placed the supervisor on leave and changed the status of all district employees from tenured to at will. In December, Oceano Community Services... (Continue reading)

Oceano attempting to muffle public comment

Oceano Community Services District Board members will vote Wednesday on whether to  limit public speaker comments to six minutes per meeting in what has been labeled an attempt to create orderly meetings. District attorney Molly Thurmond is also suggesting that... (Continue reading)