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300 gallon oil spill in Ventura Harbor

Two boats collided in the Ventura Harbor causing a 300 gallon oil spill on Monday. A squid fishing boat hit another vessel shortly after 1 p.m.No injuries were reported. The fuel leak has been stopped and the U.S. Coast Guard... (Continue reading)

Gas prices slated to drop 40 cents a gallon

Gas prices are expected to drop between 40 to 45 cents a gallon by the end of October, according to analysts. During the past decade, prices have dropped during this period an average of 23 cents a gallon. [MercuryNews] However,... (Continue reading)

Keystone Pipeline protesters storm California Chevron facility

Police arrested more than 200 demonstrators Saturday who trespassed on Chevron Corporation property in Northern California to protest the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline. [Huffington Post] The protest marked the one-year anniversary of a Chevron refinery fire that generated a cloud... (Continue reading)

Air Force considering tapping oil offshore from Vandenberg

The U.S. Air Force is considering leasing portions of Vandenberg Air Force Base to private oil companies for extraction of offshore oil and gas with land-based drills. [LATimes] If approved, it will be the first new offshore lease in state... (Continue reading)

Excelaron appeals $6 billion lawsuit dismissal

By KAREN VELIE An appellate court will determine if San Luis Obispo County officials should be able to have a lawsuit dismissed after their staff provided deceptive information in an apparent attempt to mislead the plaintiff. In what could become... (Continue reading)

Excelaron weighing options, considering appeal

An attorney for Excelaron, the company seeking to drill as many as 12 oil wells in the Huasna Valley near Arroyo Grande, said she is considering appealing last week’s dismissal of a more than $6 billion lawsuit she filed against... (Continue reading)

California passes gas tax hike

The California excise tax on gasoline will increase 3.5 cents on July 1 to 39.5 cents per gallon. [SF Gate] On Thursday, the California Board of Equalization voted 3-2 in favor of the tax hike, which will add about 52... (Continue reading)

Fracking gets government attention

Oil companies in California utilizing hydraulic fracturing — fracking — will be required to disclose that information if Gov. Jerry Brown has his way. (Sacramento Bee) The governor said Tuesday it would be the first application of such a regulation,... (Continue reading)

SLO County hit with $6 billion property rights lawsuit

By DANIEL BLACKBURN Excelaron, the company seeking to drill as many as 12 oil wells in the Huasna Valley near Arroyo Grande, filed a more than $6 billion lawsuit against San Luis Obispo County. In the lawsuit filed Monday, attorney... (Continue reading)

Huasna Valley and California’s war on oil and gas

OPINION By ALEX ALEXIEV And so the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors has voted unanimously to not allow drilling for oil on a private property in the Huasna Valley. While it was a given that the three environmental... (Continue reading)