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PRAAGS and PRO Water Equity don’t see future water banking

OPINION By JERRY REAUGH Two North County groups are taking exception to claims made by a small group of property owners regarding formation of the Paso Robles Basin Water District (PRBWD). In what they describe as a careless and misleading... (Continue reading)

How local is your local Farmers’ Market?

OPINION By APRIL MCLAUGHLIN In San Luis Obispo County, we are lucky to have a whopping 19 certified farmers’ market to shop at.  It makes sense though, given how much agriculture our area is responsible for – from avocados to... (Continue reading)

Keep Arroyo Grande farmer’s market for local producers

OPINION By APRIL MCLAUGHLIN The Arroyo Grande City Council is about to decide on what (if any) conditions they will impose on the Village farmers’ market this coming Tuesday at their regular city council meeting. The back story is this:... (Continue reading)

Misrepresentations in the Affordable Care Act

OPINION By MATT KOKKONEN “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance, period. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, period.” Obama was selling Obamacare to us and advocating that those insured with “grandfathered policies”... (Continue reading)

What does Supervisor Adam Hill really think?

Adam Hill’s opinion of some people in San Luis Obispo County was published today in the New Times and the Santa Maria Sun. It speaks for itself. Here’s how it starts: “Not only the superficially educated and narrow-minded, not only... (Continue reading)

Illegals living in the United States should not practice law

OPINION By MATT KOKKONEN California Supreme Court decided that a person living in California illegally can get a law license to practice law. This demonstrates the peak of irrationality and is pure idiocy. It flies against common sense. It is... (Continue reading)

Brickbat misses target

OPINION By JULIE TACKER The Dec. 20 Tribune Brickbat levied at the newly hired Oceano Community Services District General Manager Lonnie Curtis, while completely warranted — missed the target. Plagiarizing another man’s work as one’s own for a job application is... (Continue reading)

County bullies in full revenge mode

OPINION: By DANIEL BLACKBURN It was a casual get-together of professional women, mostly from the South County and Santa Maria, and the tone was cordial until one of the ladies happened to mention that she had read an article on... (Continue reading)

Common sense, our elected officials and you

OPINION By LAURA MORDAUNT Our elected officials are usually ordinary people who decided to care about our county and its residents…blah, blah, blah. I think that is the way it use to be with some exceptions. Today what I see... (Continue reading)

Court-supervised groundwater management

OPINION By CINDY STEINBECK “Management” of the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin is a hot topic. Our groundwater basin will be managed. The question and struggle is about who will manage and what rules will apply. California law offers fundamentally different... (Continue reading)