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Plan for a balanced groundwater district

OPINION By WILLIAM FROST An apparent consensus reached over the past several months is that a special water district is required to deal with the water crisis in San Luis Obispo’s North County. The day-to-day actions of this district would... (Continue reading)

Welcome in Obama Care

OPINION By STEW JENKINS For fear mongers who have tried selling doubt, facts already show that the Affordable Care Act is bringing down health insurance costs making coverage available to everyone. Passed by Congress and upheld by the United States... (Continue reading)

Paavo Ogren’s fictional presentation

Letter by Julie Tacker the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board At the September 17, 2013 San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors meeting, after considerable public comment, Director of Public Works, Paavo Ogren, gave an impromptu presentation to... (Continue reading)

The minimum wage charade

OPINION by GORDON MULLIN Both chambers of the California state legislature recently passed the largest increase in the minimum wage in decades and the Governor promises to sign the bill. The claim by supporters is that the raise will make... (Continue reading)

ICLEI’s agenda

OPINION By TOM DAWSON Why haven’t we heard about the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) and the plans it has for us before now? Working in cooperation with “partner” organizations, globalist politicians from ICLEI have been quietly put into... (Continue reading)

Resilient Communities and our Supervisors

OPINION By TOM DAWSON On June 21, 2013, the Central Coast Resilient Communities Symposium was held in Santa Barbara. Local officials, key government staff and selected business and non-profit executives in the Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Opispo counties were... (Continue reading)

Signs of a Failing Empire

OPINION By JIM GRIFFIN If you study history, there are certain clear signs that a society, a socio-economic and political system, is reaching the limits of its progressive power, potential, potency, and legitimacy. I’m sure there are others, but here... (Continue reading)

Debunking some common local water myths

By WARREN FRANKEL, M.D., M.S. Deeper wells are not the problem, they are the solution to our North Coast water issues. That’s my conclusion, based on a thorough search of existing scientific literature. I’ve identified a number of unfortunate incorrect... (Continue reading)

Whiskey’s for drink’n, water’s for dumping

OPINION By JULIE TACKER Millions of gallons of groundwater of unknown water quality is currently being dumped into the Morro Bay National Estuary 24/7. The Los Osos Wastewater Project’s “last resort” location has become “Option 1” to discharge dewatering water... (Continue reading)

Marketing of Fear and Disease in America

OPINION By GARY E. FORESMAN, MD Recently the media has continued its intentional misinformation campaign intended to create fear in the public and create the illusion of controversy, this time targeting fish oil supplements. The purpose of this campaign is... (Continue reading)