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Brown: Early prison release for some

Low-risk and elderly inmates in California state prisons would be released early in an effort to reduce institutional crowding, Gov. Jerry Brown announced Wednesday. (Los Angeles Times) Brown was responding to a federal court order requiring a plan to accomplish... (Continue reading)

SLO County parolee removes tracking device

The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office is searching for a 43-year-old parolee who removed his GPS tracking device. Ronald Digirolamo served jail time on a felony domestic violence charge. The sheriff’s parole released him on Feb. 12 on the... (Continue reading)

California sex offenders removing monitors

Thousands of California parolees including child molesters, rapists and other high-risk sex offenders are removing or disarming their court-ordered GPS tracking devices — with little risk of going back to prison because of overcrowding. [LATimes] Since 2010 when the state... (Continue reading)

State prisoner decline stalls

California judges are proving to be the biggest impediment to officials’ mandated efforts to reduce state prison populations. (Los Angeles Times) An analysis of plans by California administration and prison officials to comply with a federal court order is faltering,... (Continue reading)

Fewer bail bonds mean more prisoners

By DANIEL BLACKBURN Fewer San Luis Obispo County arrestees are able to afford bail to get out of jail these days, causing grief for relatives and fiscal woes for local bail bond agents. One other result is an ongoing and... (Continue reading)

CMC begins issuing layoff notices

State officials sent 117 employees of the California Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo County layoff notices on Friday as part of a plan to reduce prison overcrowding by transferring inmates to county jails. As part of the plan, 26,000... (Continue reading)

Prisoner release program timing questioned

The Legislative Analyst’s Office is calling on state lawmakers to get more involved in plans to reduce the number of inmates in California’s overcrowded prisons. [CaliforniaWatch] In a report released Friday, the analyst’s office recommended that the Legislature ask the... (Continue reading)

California Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo County facing massive layoffs

Officials at the California Men’s Colony (CMC) met last week to discuss a plan to lay off about 200 employees. Proposed layoffs at CMC include one chief deputy, two associate wardens, two captains, several lieutenants and sergeants as well as dozens... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo supervisors in favor of a new women’s jail

The San Luis Obispo County Supervisors voted unanimously on Tuesday to move forward on plans to construct a new women’s jail. The current jail is overcrowded with at times more than 70 inmates packed into a space built for 43... (Continue reading)

Run Away Prison Costs Hurting Our State

OPINION By Sam Blakeslee, Ph.D. - When the recession hit our nation and state revenues collapsed, Sacramento leaders were confronted with a series of dire budget scenarios. In 2009, the Legislature passed the largest tax increase in the nation, hiking... (Continue reading)