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Los Osos doctor develops diet drug

A diet drug created by a Los Osos doctor was approved Tuesday by the The Food and Drug Administration. Doctor Thomas Najarian developed the diet pill Qsymia, which was originally dubbed Qnexa. This makes the first time in 13 years... (Continue reading)

SLO County supervisors pass smoking ban

The San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 Tuesday to ban smoking at all parks, county parking lots and at other outdoor locations Supervisors Bruce Gibson, Adam Hill and Jim Patterson voted in favor of the ordinance that... (Continue reading)

Medi-Cal facing expensive boom

Medi-Cal patient numbers will expand dramatically over the next few years while more and more California physicians are curtailing their services to recipients of the state’s health care program. (San Jose Mercury News) Many doctors already view Medi-Cal reimbursements as... (Continue reading)

The blues can be hazardous to health

Failing health and an early death await lonely seniors, a medical study asserts. (San Francisco Chronicle) Loneliness contributes to serious health problems, according to authors of the study, published in the University of California at San Francisco’s Archives of Internal... (Continue reading)

Homeless program saves taxpayers money

A program to provide permanent housing to some of Los Angeles County’s most hard-core homeless more than paid for itself, yielding a net savings of $238,700. [LATimes] Project 50 began in late 2007 with the goal of finding and housing... (Continue reading)

Listeria discovered in Salinas lettuce

Lettuce samples from a Salinas farm have been found to be contaminated with listeria and a recall of bagged salads containing the lettuce has been initiated. No illnesses have been reported. [KCOP] River Ranch Fresh Foods voluntarily recalled packages of... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo County healthier than most

San Luis Obispo County is ranked the 13th healthiest California County out of the 56 ranked in an annual report by the University of Wisconsin Health Institute and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. In California, Marin County is ranked the... (Continue reading)

No more methyl iodide distribution in U.S.

A years-long battle by environmentalists to halt the use of methyl iodine as a fumigant for strawberries and other crops ended abruptly when the company producing it said it would no longer deliver it to the United States. [LATimes] Methyl... (Continue reading)

Capps on the Republican budget

STATEMENT By CONGRESSWOMAN LOIS CAPPS The House Republican budget is a disappointing, but not too surprising proposal. Instead of reforming programs that protect our most vulnerable, their plan would end or dismantle critical investments in our children, families, and seniors... (Continue reading)

Flu bug bites at county jail

An outbreak of influenza at San Luis Obispo County Jail has resulted in quarantine of the facility’s west dormitory, the postponement of all court dates for prisoners housed in the west  unit and has forced staff personnel and prisoners to... (Continue reading)