Supervisor scolded for ignoring the public

March 29, 2012

As part of her public comment, Julie Tacker scolded San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill for utilizing his electronic pad  instead of focusing on public speakers during open public comment. Several attendees have recently complained about Hill’s lack of attentiveness to the public while texting and using a tablet during comment periods. Supervisor Frank Mecham said in an email to Tacker that he finds it rude to be texting on cell phones when someone is speaking.

Adam Hill during public comment

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He did that on purpose knowing dam well it would get a rise out of Tacker

And he thinks he is such an important ” piece of business “. He has always acted like he is superior

Above everyone else and he gets annoyed by the same people voicing their public comments week

after week. Although the scolding may have did some good I rarely see his nose in his lab

Top now he’s afraid of her now!!!!! Ahhhhhhhahhhhhhh!!!!!!

Give him hell Julie. How dare he not pay attention to you and the other regulars at the meetings.

Maybe he was watching porn. That’s what happens when taxpayers have to buy toys for their employees.

Maybe Hill was multi-tasking, surfing the web with his eyes while listening to the public with his ears.

It’s possible, isn’t it!

He was looking up “Crazy” at….

A good politician knows who to ignore and who to pay attention to. There is no way a politiian can or should give attention to every person who demands it. There is just no way to do that and be productive. Some people are energy drainers and parasites and wise politicians learn to distance themselves for the good of themselves and their constituents.

I’m sorry, WiseGuy, but you’re blatantly wrong on this one. A politician is paid to LISTEN to those speaking at public meetings. He’s only expected to be “productive” at the end of the meeting after having heard each person who spoke, not during the time they are speaking. Rude is rude. And arrogant is arrogant. Plain and simple.

WiseGuy, I see you know Julie too…