Pedestrian killed in Los Osos identified

December 23, 2014

ambulanceThe California Highway Patrol has identified a pedestrian killed Sunday evening in Los Osos as 65-year-old San Luis Obispo resident Mauricio Cardenas.

Shortly after 6 p.m., Cardenas was attempting to cross Los Osos Valley Road near Palomino Drive. A vehicle driven by 26-year-old Los Osos resident Ricardo Serafin struck Cardenas, throwing him to the shoulder of the road.

Medics responded to the scene and attempted o revive him, but they did not succeed.

A CHP investigation into the crash is ongoing, but investigators initially said that Serafin was not at fault for the collision. They said darkness and the location at which Cardenas was crossing the street were factors, and alcohol impairment likely was not.

The crash was one of several fatal collisions in or near Los Osos in the past few months.

Four Los Osos residents, including one toddler, have died in car crashes in the last three months. One of the victims was riding a bicycle on Los Osos Valley Road and was also struck by a car.

Niles Q

My wife and I drove through this area on LOVR last night at about the same time this accident happened. I can understand how someone might not see a pedestrian.

Traffic coming into Los Osos was pretty heavuy, so there was a lit of bright lights shining into our eyes.

There are almost no street lights and both sides of the street are lined with huge trees, so even if there were more lights, there would still be a lot of shadows.

And traffic, coming into town especially, is going pretty darn fast. Very dangerous spot of road that is.

Also, we passed at least three bicyclists on the way into SLO. Could barely see them with those tiny red flashing lights. It’s a pretty big risk riding on that road at night (day time too).

LOVR is such a heavily traveled road, and the cars are flying past each other just a few feet apart. I’m surprised there isn’t a horrific accident every day on that road.

Time Caltrans and the County made that a 4-lane road all the way to SLO and put a barrier down the middle

Jorge Estrada

This is a concern for Santa Margarita too. This State Highway town with population stretch marks is ripe to have another example, of this version, of justifyable homicide. Who will be next before controlled crosswalks are installed?

I know personal responsibility should come first but at the same time we are designing cars that drive themselves, how rediculous is that?


ridiculous? Just the radar system that is installed on the Google cars would have been enough to avoid this accident.


Texting while driving????