Adam Hill to skip first county supervisor debate

January 27, 2016
Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn

Adam Hill, photo by Daniel Blackburn

The incumbent District 3 San Luis Obispo County supervisor is expected to be a no-show at the year’s first debate between candidates seeking a seat on the board of supervisors. Supervisor Adam Hill says the person sponsoring the debate is excessively partisan and makes personal attacks.

Integrity SLO, a political committee run by San Luis Obispo activist Kevin Rice, is hosting a Lincoln-Douglas-style debate in which there will be no moderator. In its 460 filing, Integrity SLO says it opposes Adam Hill for Supervisor 2012.

The debate is scheduled for 7 p.m. Thursday at the Avila Beach Community Center.

Each of the three candidates in the District 3 race is invited to participate. The candidates are Hill, San Luis Obispo Councilman Dan Carpenter and former Grover Beach Mayor Debbie Peterson.

Both Carpenter and Peterson are expected to attend the debate.

Hill’s campaign issued a press release to favored media saying the supervisor would not attend. Neither Rice, nor CalCoastNews received the statement.

“While Supervisor Adam Hill enjoys a robust discussion about the issues, the “free for all” format combined with excessive partisanship and personal attacks demonstrated by Mr. Rice in the past aren’t conducive to creating an environment in which a meaningful discussion can be had,” Hill’s campaign stated.

The news release also said Hill’s campaign strives to keep the election focused on issues and accomplishments, not “unsubstantiated smears and gotcha moments rigged by opponents.”

Rice stated Hill has not formally declined to attend the debate.

“A false rumor alleges one candidate has formally declined to appear,” the Integrity SLO website states. “Integrity SLO has received no such communication and is confident all three candidates desire to meet the public.”

Doors will open Thursday at 6:30 p.m. The Avila Beach Community Center is located at 191 San Miguel Street.

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Come on, Adam! Please come. You can bring Aaron, Paul, and Tom Fulks to stand around you and protect you from the public pie in the face while they spin the story! Pleeease come!

what the

OMG! Check the letter AO wrote published in the Tribune today. The comments are a complete circus. Adam and Aaron have taken over the Tribune. What are you thinking Sandra Duerr?

Jim Anderson

Aaron and his two anonymous sock puppets are the only one’s defending Adam Hill and he gets his as* handed to him. Unreal.


All Aaron is doing is calling for censorship…ain`t gonna happen!


Come on, Adam Hill is just living up to his initials…………….


Who does he think he is…Donald trump?


A Bullying Chicken:


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Thomas A

Remember a few days before Christmas in 2012 when Adam Hill addressed the public?

“While I have prided myself on candor, there is a point where that candor becomes an easy justification for behavior that is not acceptable from anyone, be it an elected official or an anonymous commenter.

So I make a whole-hearted and community-wide apology and promise to live up to the moral ideals of a community that rightfully prides itself on friendliness and cooperation…

So much for that.

what the

Broken promise.


Adam Hill is just living up to his initials…….. A x x H x x x x.


Good grief, Adam! You walked away from the Board of Supervisors meeting – was it on December 8? WHY did you bother coming back? Enough already!


Here’s a clip from Adam’s latest production…guess which character he is.

Video for cowardly lion

▶ 2:41

Thomas A

Has Adam Hill ever addressed the documents from the Secretary of State proving his business partnership with BP Companies? To the best of my knowledge he just pretends that the Secretary of State “lied.”