Camarillo man targeted seniors, guilty of embezzlement

April 3, 2024


A Camarillo man who targeted seniors he met at places of worship and through a legal aid hotline was found guilty last week of 29 counts of embezzlement, fraud, burglary, elder abuse, grand theft and money laundering, according to the California Department of Insurance.

Brett E. Lovett, 53, formerly an insurance agent, defrauded his victims of close to $1.2 million. He befriended some of his victims at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses congregation in Carpinteria.

Brett Lovett

Others victims were caught up in the fraud after seeking legal advice from Lovett through his legal aid information business.

From 2011 through 2016, Lovett defrauded at least nine victims who entrusted him to invest or manage their money. Instead, Lovett used the funds for personal expenses such as hair plugs, breast implants for a girlfriend, travel to India and a diamond ring

“This former licensed insurance agent preyed on innocent senior citizens to line his pockets with no regard for his victims’ wellbeing,” said Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara. “Thanks to the hard work by my department investigators and the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office his victims will have justice.”

Lovett is scheduled for sentencing on May 9.


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He certainly didn’t spend much on hair plugs!

Surprise, the senior industry, if you didn’t already know it is called the redistribution of wealth. First you have the takers (those who sell seniors futures, like insurance too complicated at a time they don’t understand) and certainly there are those who prey on the weak, as in TV sales for the customers who can only sit, call and give their credit card numbers. Even more pitiful are the visiting helpers. It is very sad for some seniors, when they are survived by children who never call or visit (the waiters), who get what they can when their dear old mom has passed.

When people can get duped by a religion such as this one, they can likely be duped by again.

We have freedom of and from religion in this country. No need to put down other peoples beliefs just because they’re not your own.

Low life! There is a special place in hell for those who prey on the elderly. Also, from his mug shot, looks like his hair plugs didn’t work. And his girlfriends boobs should get repossessed :)

Opportunists who prey on Seniors are the worst kind of predators.

Hair plugs and breast implants. Isn’t that what all fraudsters use the money for?