DUI driver slams into house, truck in SLO

April 4, 2024


An allegedly DUI driver crashed into a house, as well as two parked vehicles, in San Luis Obispo early Thursday morning.

Just after 1 a.m., the driver was traveling eastbound on Foothill Boulevard at a high rate of speed. The driver failed to navigate the curve of the road, leading to his car bouncing off the house located at 130 Foothill Boulevard and hitting two vehicles parked in the driveway, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

SLO firefighters removed the driver from the car. Responders transported him to a local hospital, where he received treatment for moderate injuries. 

No one was inside the home at the time of the crash, and the driver was the lone occupant of the vehicle. Only the driver sustained injuries in the indent.

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That house must have jumped out in front of him/her/it.

Seriously, it’s dangerous just walking around this town on the sidewalk anymore. There seems to be a constant stream of cars running into homes.

Holy Crap!