Daily Briefs

Maldonado wins key support to be lieutenant governor

Abel Maldonado (R-Santa Maria) appears to be on his way to becoming the next lieutenant governor of California [Los Angeles Times] The moderate Republican cleared a major hurdle Thursday morning when the state Assembly confirmed his nomination by a vote... (Continue reading)

California voters support soda tax to fight obesity

A majority of California voters say they would support a small tax on sweetened soft drinks in order to fight obesity. [HealthyCal.org] The Field Poll survey found that 56 percent would support a soft drink tax and 43 percent would... (Continue reading)

San Luis Obispo County public defender’s office runs out of money

The San Luis Obispo County public defender’s budget is about $500,000 in the red and the Board of Supervisors is being asked to intervene. (Tribune] According to a staff report, there is only $50 left in the public defender’s $5... (Continue reading)

Cash for clunker appliances

Does your old refrigerator rattle while it guzzles energy like an SUV in need of a tune up? A federal government rebate program could help you rid your home of that clunker appliance. [KEYT] However, you might need to act... (Continue reading)

Maldonado gets another chance at lieutenant governor confirmation

The nomination of state Senator Abel Maldonado (R-Santa Maria) to be California’s next lieutenant governor is apparently back in play after an earlier rejection [San Francisco Chronicle] The state Assembly, which voted to reject Maldonado last February, is scheduled to... (Continue reading)

Council expands Mardi Gras penalties

The San Luis Obispo City Council voted unanimously to expand the Safety Enhancement Zone Ordinance currently in place for Mardi Gras to include St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween. There will be stricter penalties for those who break the law, additional... (Continue reading)

State parks fee likely to be on November ballot

Make room on the November ballot for yet another measure–environmental groups have apparently gathered enough signatures to let voters decide whether to charge California motorists $18 a year to help state parks. [San Jose Mercuy News] Petition organizers submitted 760,000... (Continue reading)

Introducing Eye on the Coast

This weekend, we launched our new Eye on the Coast photo gallery. The gallery provides our readers a new window into the many unique events, people and places in our community. Our photo galleries can be easily viewed as either... (Continue reading)

Thousands flock to first Marijuana Expo

Approximately 15,000 marijuana enthusiasts turn out in the Bay Area over the weekend for the International Cannabis and Hemp Expo–the first trade show in the U.S. to allow on-site pot smoking. [San Francisco Chronicle] It took organizers four years to... (Continue reading)

UCSB makes Top Ten party school list (again)

Poor UC Santa Barbara. They don’t seem to get much respect. The campus boasts 1-2-3-4-5 Nobel Prize winners on its faculty, but the school just can’t seem to shake that party down image. Once again, UCSB has the dubious distinction... (Continue reading)