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Gary Nemeth

Gary Nemeth, retired from the San Luis Obispo Police department following a 30-year law enforcement career. Nemeth sat on the Paso Robles City Council from 2000 through 2008.

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Paso Robles mayor candidate asks for unity

OPINION By GARY NEMETH A door closes and opportunity opens another. I have been very fortunate to have made new friends and rekindled old ones. All have a story to relate if we just take the time to listen. Some wanted a little change, some more, some none at all. As I walked the neighborhoods, […]... (Continue Reading)

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Roads, who do we believe?

OPINION By GARY NEMETH The Paso Robles City Council and Manager Jim App have told us for years that there is no road repair fund. Last week I was in a meeting with Councilman Fred Strong and seven other people. Mr. Strong said that we did not have a road repair maintenance program. The standard […]... (Continue Reading)

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Write in Gary Nemeth for Mayor of Paso Robles

OPINION By GARY NEMETH Write in Gary Nemeth for Mayor of Paso Robles. Since the forum by CPRN2012 we have received many calls from citizens stating they have not read or heard anything about me being a write in candidate. I qualified on October 10 and every local news organization was sent the information to […]... (Continue Reading)

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Unchecked or questioned, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

OPINION By GARY NEMETH When the citizens (employers) of Paso Robles hire five individuals to act in the best interest of the citizens, and the citizens lose faith and trust in their ability, it is time to replace them. When you hire me to work as your elected mayor, I will do my best to […]... (Continue Reading)

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What are the people of Paso Robles going to do?

OPINION By GARY NEMETH The citizens of Paso Robles are the employers, the council are our employees, and it is all right to like them as individuals, but when they continue to prove they are not up to the job of leadership, it is time to replace them. The majority of the employers have asked […]... (Continue Reading)

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What will Paso Robles voters decide?

OPINION By GARY NEMETH The citizens of Paso Robles deserve a new beginning starting by following what the Tribune wrote about the only way to change the current mayor would be by the community deciding on a write in candidate opposing Duane Picanco and wining. Next step is to use the “at will” provision to […]... (Continue Reading)

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Find out the truth; ask questions of your elected officials

OPINION By GARY NEMETH Some council leadership in this election is counting on your apathy to keep them on the Paso Robles Council.  When you don’t vote, the minority who does vote — wins. The silent majority needs to stand up, discuss issues, be counted, and be listened to start a new beginning. By voting, […]... (Continue Reading)

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Importance of a 3 person voting majority

OPINION By GARY NEMETH There is a danger in believing a rumor without asking where the rumor started, who started it, what they had to gain. Sometimes it’s started to stir the pot or to change the discussion from what is important. Several weeks ago Sally Reynolds  of asked an important question of the […]... (Continue Reading)

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Paso Robles needs new beginning

OPINION By GARY NEMETH I’m Gary Nemeth,  running for Mayor of Paso Robles because I believe in accountability, integrity, honesty, and trust you the community deserve to expect no less than the best in the leader you hire to represent you. The voters of Paso will be the real triers of fact in how you […]... (Continue Reading)

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Cleaning up Paso Robles from the inside

OPINION By MAYORAL CANDIDATE GARY NEMETH I have been asked what it takes to make the changes necessary to bring back the community we all remember. I have found that difficult situations such as what we have been going through often bring out qualities in all of us that otherwise might not have risen to […]... (Continue Reading)

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