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Shadowy right-wing contributor unmasked

A national conservative group has been identified as the source of a heretofore anonymous last-minute contribution of $11 million infused into two California initiative campaigns. (Sacramento Bee) Compliance from Americans for Job Security of Nevada came only after a rare... (Continue reading)

Illegal youths may get driver’s licenses

California and Arizona are the first two states to decide if youthful illegal immigrants should be able to acquire driver’s licenses when the Obama administration grants their work permits. Arizona said no, California, yes. (San Jose Mercury News) The California... (Continue reading)

Democratic congresswoman shot at point-blank range in Arizona

SECOND UPDATE: Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy issued the following statement Saturday afternoon in response to the Arizona shootings: “The attacks on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, members of her staff, and others are absolutely appalling. This event is horrific and acts of such... (Continue reading)

California GOP does not support Arizona immigration law

The California Republican party stood by gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman and decided not to endorse Arizona’s controversial immigration law during their semiannual convention this weekend. [WashingtonIndependent] Conservative activists in the state have been pushing for party support of SB 1070... (Continue reading)

Skywalking at Grand Canyon West

To be honest, I didn't look down. Not at first. I edged out a few feet rather gingerly, keeping my gaze focused on the far side of the canyon wall. It didn't help that there were bratty, snotty kids, bouncing... (Continue reading)

Dispatches: Postcard from Arizona

By DAVID CONGALTON Greetings from the Grand Canyon State, where I have been holed up since Friday. Here until Monday morning. Four days isn’t much of a vacation, but I prefer to be away from home for only short spurts at a... (Continue reading)

Californians divided on new Arizona law

The recent crackdown on illegal immigration in Arizona finds Californians closely divided, with deep splits along age and ethnicity, according to a new Los Angeles Times/USC poll. [Los Angeles Times] Overall, 50 percent of those surveyed indicated support for the... (Continue reading)

Arizona to close most state parks

In a scenario all too familiar to Californians, the state of Arizona has announced plans to close most of its state parks. [Los Angeles Times] The Grand Canyon State, currently wrestling with a multibillion-dollar deficit, plans to close 13 parks... (Continue reading)

Federal agents bust human smuggling ring

Two Paso Robles women successfully relayed information through the Paso Robles Police that helped bust a human smuggling ring. [KSBY] The women’s boyfriends paid human smugglers to bring them to the United States from Mexico. The smugglers brought the men... (Continue reading)